New Mexico Officer Accidentally Shoots and Kills Himself

Albuquerque police Lt. Todd Parkins tragically died Wednesday morning after he shot himself in the chest by accident. Parkins, a veteran police officer married to a former police officer, accidentally discharged his weapon when he was putting it into a home safe.

The safety appears to have been off on the weapon, a strange oversight for a 15-year veteran, who obviously cared enough about safety to have a home safe. There seems to be a steady stream of cases of officers accidentally shooting themselves or family members recently at home or in the office, here.

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8 thoughts on “New Mexico Officer Accidentally Shoots and Kills Himself”

  1. I don’t see that the article mentions the type of gun. Many police officers carry Glocks, which generally do not have “manual” safties that are toggled off and on in the traditional sense.

  2. Ask any shrink about the connection between handguns and penises. Or, you could look it up.

  3. This sounds like Scott Rumph or Former Dem. Maybe they are one in the same.

  4. Disgusted, I refer you to my comment on the Officers in Trouble thread. In addition, I suggest that placing the word “obviously” before an absurd conclusion doesn’t improve the credibility of the conclusion; it only demonstrates the inability of the writer to explain his position in a rational manner.


    You can tell a lot about a person from his reaction to those with whom he disagrees, and especially so when no malice was expressed or implied by the opponents. Based on these two comments above, what conclusion could I or anyone else draw about you? I think you know the answer, and were I you I’d change my miserable life’s outlook or as Gordon Liddy eloquently said, “get a handgun and do the honorable thing.”

  6. my condolences go out to Lt.Parkins’ family. Bob, esq should keep his idiotic comments to himself, but then he’s obviously one of those people who bad mouths police officers THEN IS THE FIRST ONE TO CALL THE POLICE WHEN HE NEES THEM.

  7. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Jonathan Turley will accidentally shoot & kill himself

  8. Yet another reason to despise handguns.

    Nonetheless, the best safety on any gun is the mind and the trigger finger; and this guy apparently didn’t even know enough to keep the chamber empty.

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