The Lowest Common Denominator: Racist Displays Again Openly Displayed at Palin Rally

Many Americans have been taken aback by the racist and hatred seen at recent McCain/Palin rallies from calls to “kill him” to openly racist displays. This guy attended a rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with a stuffed monkey with a Barack Obama bumper sticker on its forehead. As shown in this video, he seems to see the video camera and quickly removed the sticker and gives it to a child. The family said that they did not know the man.

The hate and race filled displays have been increasing with attack ads from McCain and Palin. The decision to “go negative,” however, appears to be turning off Americans and McCain recently sought to tone down a support who said Obama is “an Arab.”

Palin, however, continues to attack Obama on associating with “terrorists.”

For the video, click here.

8 thoughts on “The Lowest Common Denominator: Racist Displays Again Openly Displayed at Palin Rally”

  1. “It is sad but true that Palin and McCain are inciting this violent behavior by repeating their lies and misconceptions about Obama and his policies.”

    I’m sorry, I can’t totally agree here. Lies and misconceptions are a given on the campaign trail, particularly when the two candidates are, if you read between the lines, considerably more similar than they are different in terms of assertions of policy. They go both ways, though I will admit that Mr. McCain’s claims against Mr. Obama have been at times far-fetched (blame his campaign strategists.) Mrs. Palin is another issue entirely, but to say that Mr. McCain is “inciting this violent behavior” by carrying on his campaign is simply absurd. He cannot be held accountable for the actions of people at his rallies that he’s at worst paying no mind.

    This is simply another manifestion of the polarization of fundamental camps in American politics. I believe that most moderates, bipartisans, “swing voters,” (I prefer post-partisan, personally), view these sorts of ludicrous actions as not only morally reprehensible, but awful politics. Just as morally reprehensible if not quite as viscerally unnerving are the stories of people burning Palin in effigy, people making jokes about the injuries Mr. McCain suffered in defense of the country, et cetera.

    I plan to vote Obama for my own reasons, but these ridiculous, rabid assaults simply say a lot more about who’s saying them than anyone else.

  2. It is sad but true that Palin and McCain are inciting this violent behavior by repeating their lies and misconceptions about Obama and his policies. Now they are airing an anti-Obama television ad using the lies about Obama’s alleged connections to Bill Ayers. McCain sold his soul long ago to the religous right fanatics in order to try to win the Presidency. It is not surprising that the public has seen through his lies.

  3. And if you think I’m wrong, watch McCains face when the guy in the crowd yells “KILL HIM!”.

    Watch Palins face when they scream “TRAITOR, KILL HIM”.

    They’re inciting violence and inviting murder.

    Fortunately, Obama is going to win this one and they’ll be reduced to talking about how bad he is in the privacy of their church meetings.

    Of course, then they’d better watch the “kill him” crap. Because then he will be the President, and I’m fairly sure the Secret Service will frown on that.

  4. Its more than just racism going on that these “rally’s”.

    There is talk of violence, hate speech ( and there is talk in the crowds of how, and when Obama should be murdered.

    These are little more than the BeerHall rally’s the of Hitlers “SA”, fueling hate, revenge and murder.

    It seems to me with the obvious chance that Obama will soon be the next President of the United States, that the Secret Service would play a more active role in doing something to arrest people chanting for his death in these rallies. Free speech is one thing. But calling for the death of a United States senator in a emotion filled room of noticably agitated people is criminal, and John McCain and Sarah Palin are encouraging it.

    If Obama were shot would they come on camera and apologize? Would they acknowledge that it was their Hitleresque beer hall rallies that incited hatred across the country?

    Palin is corrupt. We know this now. And she’s using her position to incite racial hatred and violence against blacks in America. The funny thing is, its a war she probably doesn’t want.

    See, if Palin and the inbreds ever did get their race war in America, it would turn into a civil war. It would be the redneck “Joe-Sixpack” whites like Palin and company against EVERYONE else.

    Black, white, asian, latino, EVERYONE.

    Because MOST people are not inbred racist scum, like Palin and her throwback brood. Most people would join with the blacks, and defend our country from the NeoNazis and their ethnic cleansing.

  5. Proving yet again that:

    Mankind has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawned him.

  6. Pathetic really, when you consider how crazy, old, white, conservative males desperately hang on to a power structure they never really controlled. They remind me of dinosaurs raging against an unwanted and incomprehensible (to them anyway)changing environment. Perhaps that accounts for the stupefied look on our macho man holding the offensive doll. Requiescat in pace.

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