Neighbor Charged with Feeding Dogs Nails and Broken Glass to Stop Barking

In Pittsburgh, Brett Kolarik, 41, has confessed to feeding two dogs meatballs mixed with nails and broken glass. He will be sentenced for animal cruelty.

The dogs’ owner, Deborah Rogers investigated what was in the meatballs when her two dogs, Shadow and Pepper, appeared sick: “I took a stick and shoved [the meat] and seen something shiny, and I saw there was glass in there and a bunch of little nails in there, and my dogs had ate some of it.”

One dog needed $4000 in surgery costs due to swallowing a piece of glass that was over one inch long. He tried to kill the dogs twice.

The problem with these cases is that the sentences tend to be little more than what you would receive for a property offense. Obviously, this man is a danger to society, not just pets.

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13 thoughts on “Neighbor Charged with Feeding Dogs Nails and Broken Glass to Stop Barking”

  1. Where do you people think your meat came from? If you truly feel this way about animals, then you should start to practice what you preach and become vegans.

    And if you can’t do that. Then STFU.

  2. “The only good dog is a dead one. I’d love to kill my neighbors dog and I would only consider it a property offense if caught.”

    Well it’s a good thing what you “consider” isn’t the law then isn’t it? You budding little psychopath. If you kill your neighbors dog, try that defense in court and get back to us on how the judge responds. If you think killing a dog for no other reason than you hate them is appropriate and not criminal, you’re really going to love the judge’s reaction. Enjoy your green bologna. I’m sure there is some in your future if not already in your past.

  3. right on Jim. This guys only crime was to feed the meat to the wrong animal. The belligerent dog owner should have been the recipient of those meatballs.

  4. The only good dog is a dead one. I’d love to kill my neighbors dog and I would only consider it a property offense if caught.

  5. I have also thought of the idea of starting a misinformation campaign against animal abusers by starting rumors that they are pedophiles. They’ll knock all his teeth out so he’ll suck better dick in prison.

    The maximum he will get is two years per charge. This is preposterous, especially considering that this was a pet and part of someone’s family.

  6. I had a neighbor with a dog that barked all night. For nine months, their dog (a beautiful Boxer) would start barking at about 1:00AM and not stop until the sun came up. The owners were belligerent and refused to do anything about it. The police were sympathetic, spoke to the owners dozens of times, but the law really has very little leverage in these situations. The owners dared us all to do anything about it. I have to admit, I must have thought of one hundred ways to kill that dog. But the dog wasn’t the problem, she was just doing what lonely, bored dogs do.
    So I bought this device called a Super Bark Stop. It worked as advertised, but didn’t stop the dog from barking in the least. So I rigged some car horns to a relay and a 12v source, and connected them to the trigger relay in the Bark Stop, and pointed them at their house. As soon as their dog started barking, it sounded like there was a car about to drive through their bedroom window. It took a week, but they put a for sale sign in front of their house and are gone.

  7. Glad they caught this creep. If he hadn’t confessed my guess is that everyone would have just assumed this was standard dog food from China, pre-recall.

  8. he said they barked all the time. some of the other neighbors agreed but there is no excuse for what he did. they had the dogs and the x-rays on the local news and the pain he caused them was terrible.

    i agree, someone that would do what he did(and he confessed)would scare me. what or who whould he decide was bothering him next???

  9. I agree with all of you that this guy is a danger to society. Not just to other animals, but to humans as well. This was a sadistic attempt to kill these helpless animals. Didn’t some of our most vile serial killers start with animal abuse?

  10. Was he just a crazy animal killer or did the dog’s barking and irresponsible owner drive him crazy? I think this man should receive therapy and put under police watch because his next vicitm could even be a human. Perhaps the owner should be cautioned as well about her dogs barking for endless hours – if they were as bad as the crazy man thought they were.

  11. Assuming this jerk is found guilty, he needs to receive the maximum custodial sentence allowed by law, be required to pay the maximum fine, and be required to pay restitution.

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