Iran Set to Execute Another Christian for Converting From Islam

In another flagrant violation of international law and human rights, Iran is set to execute Ramdin Soodmand for the crime of converting from Islam. Sharia law mandates such punishment and Islamic countries continue to apply the penalty despite the fact that it violates core international principles. Indeed, Rashin’s father was executed eighteen years ago previously for the same Sharia crime.

The right to change your religion is guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in the European Convention of Human Rights. Even Article 23 of Iran’s own constitution mandates that no one may be molested simply for religious beliefs. However, Sharia law has a highly offensive provision that requires death if you start as a Muslim and then become a Christian or member of another faith.

Rather than join post-medieval world on the issue, Iran is currently move to codify the Sharia rule as part of its “Islamic Penal Code. Adding state-imposed sexism to religious extremism, the law mandates death for men and life imprisonment for women. The legislature voted 196 to 7 in favor of the bill.

On these abuses, the world remains largely silent — deterred by the religious patina placed on such laws. However the treatment of women, non-Muslims, homosexuals and other groups in countries like Iran should be a matter for international sanctions.

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One thought on “Iran Set to Execute Another Christian for Converting From Islam”

  1. Unfortunately, Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims have no religious rights within an Islamic world. Westerners fail to understand the art of Islam and its progression. Any law that which has not come directly from Allah or is founding prophet is of no importance. You can rant and rave about violations of human rights until your voice box dries, but our laws have no merit in an Islamic world. It is a sad fact that the West has failed to see and understand that Islam seeks to convert the entire world and if only the west can wake up and open its eyes, you will see it unfold before you.

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