TSA Employee Arrested as Stealing More than 100 Items Out of Luggage and Trying to Sell Them on EBay

Pythias Brown
As a screener at Newark Liberty International Airport, Pythias Brown let nothing get past him — literally. He is accused of stealing over 100 valuable items like 66 cameras while working for the Transportation Security Administration. They really should have seen at least the missing cameras coming. The original Pythias (shown on the left) sat on a tripod, spoke in gibberish, and derived her name from pythein (πύθειν, “to rot”).

Remarkably, Brown was not caught until he made the mistake of stealing a $47,900 camera from an HBO crew and a camcorder from a CNN employee. He later tried to sell some of the items on EBay.

His haul included 66 cameras, 31 laptop computers, 20 cell phones, 17 sets of electronic games, 13 pieces of jewelry, 12 GPS devices, 11 MP3 players, eight camera lenses, six video cameras and two DVD players

If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Passengers were suspicious when they were told in Newark to put all of their liquids in a plastic bag and all of their electronics in a bin marked Pythias.

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  1. This same disgusting thievery of lost & unclaimed property is commonplace at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. The pubic must be aware of the crimes that are being committed against them when their lost property is stolen from the PABT’s Lost & Found Dept. by Port Authority Bus Terminal Supervisors. Google “Donna Lebourne abc news.” & watch the video, or click on the link below.


    If you lost an item at the PABT & it was returned to you, put in a theft report with the PAPD to get your lost item replaced because most likely your item was stolen by PABT management.

    It would be nice to see the Port Authority aggressively go after the criminals and their enablers that they employ who engage in these same disgraceful crimes and even worse criminal acts, i.e. the unconscionable and highly illegally procedure of throwing lost passports found at the PABT in the garbage in this age of global terrorism and rampant identity theft. Google “found, stolen, trashed by PA.” See the link below.


  2. Not even Nazi Germany humiliated their own people, they just politely asked papers please!

  3. If TSA employees are robbing passengers valuables and cash it’s only a matter of time before they place an explosive device in luggage for the right price. Anyone can be bought, CIA,FBI, etc. Plus TSA filth does not have to go through screening. You are trapped in a police state America! Drive to Canada or take a bus,don’t fly out of the USSA.(USSR) TSA is nothing but a 3rd rate half-assed Gestapo Group with an ugly bastard like John Pistole as director. This jerk couldn’t secure his dick.

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  6. US Customs officials steal also. I seen a US Customs whore at Nassau Airport wearing a Gold Rolex wristwatch. These bastards don’t make that kind of money to own a watch that costs thousands. The stupid Allegeny County Police lock knives and guns and other weapons carried by passengers in a locked room on the landside terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport. The nighturn niggers go in through the drop ceiling and help themselves. They also break into luggage in lost and found and brag about their finds: expensive perfume,sunglasses,radios,laptops, GPS, clothing,etc. They think of this as fringe benefits. Don’t fly and stay out of Pittsburgh!

  7. Do not put valuable clothing in your checked luggage. TSA keeps an eye out for Burberry raincoats, Aquascutum,Brooks Brothers,and other brand names. Saw a TSA employee leaving work at Pittsburgh International Airport carrying an $800 Burberry raincoat, I doubt if it was his. Boycott flying America. What are these bastards going to do when the airports are empty? And what does that ugly John Pistole and fat pig Janet Napolitano care, they fly on government jets. You are safer not flying anyway. US Airways,United,American,etc are using nuts & bolts made in “China” to cut costs. Look at Southwest’s jets cracking!

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