Palin Loses to Beluga Whales

Gov. Sarah Palin lost another environmental fight this week — to the Bush Administration. The Interior Department has decided that the beautiful white Beluga whales are indeed endangered despite Palin’s efforts to block such protection. Earlier, Palin failed in her efforts to block protections for the polar bear.

The Interior Department found that beluga whales of Alaska’s Cook Inlet are endangered and require additional protection to survive. Palin opposed the protections on the demands of commercial fishermen who did not want to have to restrictions on their fishing, since now the National Marine Fisheries Service to determine if there are potential harmful effects on the whales.

Ironically, Palin is taking the same approach used by the Chinese who continued to delay serious action to protect the rare Yangtze River dolphin, the click here. Eventually, it was too late and the baiji are now extinct.

Well, it is not all bad. Perhaps in some future year, Palin will be able to see Belugas from her home.

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One thought on “Palin Loses to Beluga Whales”

  1. Gov. Palin has to be one of the most radical Republicans in the country. I thought that her and Sen. McCain are supposed to be dedicated environmentalists. Of course, the Beluga and the Moose keep getting in her way. She must be radical if even the Bush Interior Department doesn’t buy her arguments. Good news for the Beluga whale. I am thinking she will soon have ample time to look for the Beluga after November 4th.

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