Pig Skin Could Land Jester in Pen: Ohio 89-Year-Old Grandma Charged For Keeping Football in Yard

The police in Blue Ash, Ohio have finally got their man. Well, in this case, their 80-year-old grandma. Edna Jester was tired of balls going into her yard, so the last time she refused to give it back. Her neighbor called the police and she is now charged with petty theft.

She could face six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. At least she has a healthy lawn, so she avoided the horticultural criminal charge. Then there is the woman in Florida who was jailed over an unpaid $7.45 check at the Waffle House.

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4 thoughts on “Pig Skin Could Land Jester in Pen: Ohio 89-Year-Old Grandma Charged For Keeping Football in Yard”

  1. Interception!

    I would have expected all you ‘guys’ in a huddle going over
    the next play.

    I hope she shows up for court in her #89 jersey with pads…

  2. The law does not need to fine or imprison her, but she must learn that what she is doing is wrong. Maybe her family could be asked to assist in explaining to Mom and Grandma why she is wrong.

  3. The woman obviously has her issues, but surely the law is not the place to resolve them. I would think that the appropriate solution to this was stated by Jill. After trying to get the football back by talking to the woman, tell your kids to stop playing in a way that will land footballs on the woman’s lawn. This was how it would have been done when I was a kid. My guess though is that this woman is not popular in the neighborhood and that led to the confrontation. Some times the law is not the best avenue for redressing problems and this is one of them.

  4. Community Dwelling Elders (CDEs–this is a real sociological term) should be kept off the streets!

    It’s really chickenshit to worry about balls landing in your lawn but equally chickenshit to make this a law enforcement issue. The parents could try talking to her (probably useless but worth a shot). Then they should talk to the kids and tell the truth; “Look for whatever reason she doesn’t want your balls in her yard, so keep them out or you will lose them.” A few lost balls and the kids will get the message.

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