Nuptial Slip and Fall: Negligent Best Man Causes Wedding Disaster on Video

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something . . . dry.

The video below shows the yet untapped potential of nuptial slip and falls.

The video does not show the three personal injury lawyers diving into the pool by instinct.

Count the potential litigants. If it is a private business, there is the fact that the business allowed water on the deck during an event with people in street shoes and high heels. As invitees, there is a duty to inspect and make safe. If this is a private home, there remains a duty to licensees, though the water is an overt danger. Then there is the assumption of risk when you put a bride in full dress on the very edge of a swimming pool.

The biggest problem is that, since the marriage was not completed, any lawsuit against the bride and groom would be separate — though any spousal immunity issues would be avoided.

Consider this like breaking a glass at a Jewish wedding. A tort at a wedding can be a useful reminder that torts are part of life and perhaps even immunize your marriage by getting rid of the one-tort-per-couple allocation at the outset.

For all of the torts lawyers and law professors around the country, we salute you. Consider this one gratis. No lawsuits and best wishes for a tort-free marriage.

For the video, click here and here.

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