Zamboni Palin: Track’s Missing Sibling

Ok, I will miss her. Gov. Sarah Palin today not only stated that she is an intellectual (despite all outward appearances and available tests would indicate) but that she wanted a sixth child named Zamboni. I have been searching for video of this interview to determine if the Zamboni thing was a joke, but it appears that most viewers concluded that she was serious.

I have inserted a picture of a Zamboni to see how the sixth addition would fit within the Palin family photo. This is so much better that Paver Palin or Scraper Palin.

In the meantime, polls are now showing that Palin is leading as the most negative influence for the ticket — more negative that the radioactive association of McCain with President Bush.

Given names like Trig and Track and Piper, it could be serious. If anyone can confirm whether it was a joke or serious, let me know. Frankly, if it was a joke, Palin would go up dramatically in my view. I place humor pretty high in ranking a person’s character. If this was a joke, it would be a hilarious response to the past digs about the family names.

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  1. I came across this in glenn greenwald’s column…

    —- and —–

    This fascinates me…


    Exactly my point.

    Only you know what you are talking about…

    …’cause I sure as Hell don’t!

  2. This fascinates me. When a topic like this comes up I notice that there tends to be a slew of posts on another thread. Some of the posts repete each other. I’m guessing it’s the govt.’s way of trying to divert attention from information they find “uncomfotable”

  3. Mike,

    I came across this in glenn greenwald’s column.
    “For Salon Radio, I spoke today with Katzman — who emailed me yesterday about the post I wrote concerning the Report — and I highly recommend listening to this interview, as Katzman’s answers really reveal the grotesque indifference and banal evil that characterizes much of America’s war-loving Foreign Policy Community.”

  4. Gino,
    The one other point I forgot to make is that while I do believe Bush attacked Iraq for ego and to prove himself better than his father, I would not believe that he saw it that way. The same for Cheney and the gratification of his greed and sadism. Humans are all adept in rationalizing their bad behaviors into self justifications.
    My guess is that with Bush and Cheney their ability to rationalize their obscene behavior is rather advanced, since I doubt there is much self-knowledge in either man.

  5. “You can be angry and frustrated, and write your screeds on every blog you want, but if you don’t understand that very few people are motivated by true evil, and that our deepest differences are really only political in nature, then you’re a fool.”

    I understand very well that few people are motivated by pure evil and in fact i would venture to say that neither Hitler, nor Stalin, nor their henchmen thought of themselves as doing evil. They probably believed in their heart of hearts that they were doing good. That is the problem with your response to me. Evil can only be classified by the result and not by the intention. Bush/Cheney no doubt believe they are the “good guys” and have saved us all from terrorism and other bad things. Their actions, however, have done great harm (evil if you will) to Iraq, to those being tortured, to our soldiers and to the Constitution.

    You may characterize my writing as “screeds” but I believe that others might find them quite reasonable and accepting of others views. You, I think confuse the political process as it is constructed, with those who would destroy the system in the service of their own egos. Our political system has been deeply damaged by Bush/Cheney, who have consistently pushed a politics of power, rather than of process. I am far from naive and I know history pretty well, so I realize that our system has never been perfect and that politics is a rough game.

    Nevertheless, Bush/Cheney’s actions have gone far beyond the pale and many of their legislative backers have supported them in a manner befitting supporting ones’ football team. When hundreds of thousands die, when torture becomes common place and our Constitutional protections are shredded, then we have advanced far beyond acceptable politics and entered into the realm of real evil.

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