Video: Oklahoma Police Officer Shoots Dog and Then Allegedly Lies

Tammy Christopher is suing Grady County Oklahoma after Deputy Sean Kinght shot her dog. While the police officer told her that the dog charged at him when he stopped for direction while serving tax warrants, the video appears to contradict that claim and show Knight.
shooting the dog in the head.

Christopher has filed a $25,000 claim against Grady County, State of Oklahoma and Grady County Deputy Sean Knight for the wrongful shooting of her dog. The video is subject to interpretation but it does show Knight immediately going to the extreme measure of shooting the dog.

For the video, click here.

For the full story, click here.

38 thoughts on “Video: Oklahoma Police Officer Shoots Dog and Then Allegedly Lies”

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  2. people keep saying the dog looked playful and the deputy had time to get back in his car, B.S. from the time he reached his car door to the time he shot the dog right next to him was literally 1 second, if he reached for the car door instead of his gun the dog would have been all over him before he even got the door open. second the “playful” door was going so fast that when shot it skidded 5 or 6 feet! that dog was going at him full speed.
    was it going to attack or just jump on him? i don’t know, but in the same situation i would also have shot the dog better safe then mauled. this is why people need to keep their damn dogs on a leash or inside a fence, if it can leave your property it is unsecured and therefore a potential threat.
    obviousely the grady county sheriffs office gave in to media pressure and just wanted the problem to go away so they gave her some money.
    and my i point out also, she claims they offered her money to keep silent so what does dhe do? sues for $25.000, accepts $15.000 and shuts up
    guess the dog wasn’t really THAT important to her

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  4. This jerk is the reason people have no respect for cops. What a horrible, horrible, little man. Hope karma hits this dickhead FULL ON!

  5. 15000 dollars will buy a lot of GPS’s. If the cop wasn’t at fault or in the wrong they wouldn’t have paid. Dog had the right to defend his property. If the cop had not been there he wouldn’t have had to shot the dog. With friends ike these who needs enemies.

  6. If the officer needed directions, why didn’t he just use that radio thingy in his police crusier and call to the person at the other end of the transmission and ask for help. Heck they probably have a thing hanging on the wall that looks like a county map with roads and addresses printed on it. Most police departments have computers in their squad cars also, maybe the department could train officers how to use Google maps or Mapquest.

  7. Unfortunately, a number of jurisdictions are making it illegal to videotape or audiotape police!

  8. It’s frightening to see that the cop’s natural first reaction was to pull out his gun and shot. How many other misjudgements has he made before?

  9. btw..this guy was on her property and she doesnt need to have dog on leash.The dog had a right to be there. Who didnt have a right to be there was the officer w/o a warrant. Imagine if this was a detective in an unmarked unit shooting the dog..I can guarantee you people have been shot for less..

  10. my dog was recently shot and killed by a police officer in the same way your was. Please contact me or e mail my family is broken after this. How did the law suit work out for you?????
    850-258-8209 please tell me what to do


    Woman worries stop was in ‘retaliation’

    Mike Friend
    The Express-Star

    A Blanchard woman has raised concerns of “retaliation and harassment” against the Grady County Sheriff’s Office after she was recently pulled over for speeding and a tag violation.

    Tammy Christopher, who recently made headlines after her family dog was shot by Deputy Sean Knight and then settled out of court with the county for $15,000, said that she feels the stop was possibly retaliation due to the fact she just had a dispute with their department.

    “It wasn’t until the last few weeks did I start to notice that a deputy has been sitting down the road from my house and I wonder if it was him this whole time,” said Christopher, as she explained that Sheriff Art Kell kept her on the side of the road for approximately 45 minutes before letting her go with two tickets.

    “I thought he was going to arrest me. He started cleaning out his back seat and he said that he was going to have to check out the statutes to see if the speeding and expired tag was an arrestible offense or not,” said Christopher.

    Kell said the stop was a coincedence.

    “The name sounded familiar but I didn’t know who she was until Deputy Hefley called me on the radio after the stop and told me.”

    Kell says he never attempted to arrest her, but admitted he did make a call to his under sheriff Jim Weir to see if the law says he “shall or may” tow her vehicle and make an arrest for the violations.

    However, Kell could not explain the lengthy stop and when asked if a 40 minute stop for speeding and an expired tag is normal he said, “The stop was routine.”

    “He also told me he was going to make sure I took care of the tag immediately and if I didn’t he would come by my work later on to verify that I did. He said he would drive through the parking lot and he would come inside my job if it wasn’t done,” said Christopher.

    “I was stunned. I can’t figure out why the Sheriff himself would be out working traffic at 8:00 in the morning, just down the road from where I live,” she said.

    Kell said he has only made five or six traffic stops since he was elected be sheriff.

    “I wrote several tickets when I was a reserve deputy,” Kell said.

    Of the five or six stops, Christopher said, “I just think it is too coincidental that I am one of the few he has decided to stop.”

  12. critical observer is correct; his comment below…

    (Assuming this is true, the deputy needs to be fired and prosecuted. A civil suit, while appropriate, doesn’t take it far enough.)

    It is only a matter of when and not if that the officers deeds will catch up with him.

    The mills of the gods grind slow but exceedingly fine.

  13. If you have an opinion call the deputy and let him know. His number is area code four zero five, four eight five, four two zero one. Or send him a message. His my space is blah blah blah slash bigdaddyoic.

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