Drunkenstein’s Demise: Arizona Man Who Planned Super Bowl Massacre Gets 366 days in Prison

Kurt William Havelock, 36, was sentenced this week to a year and a day for his plot to massacre people at the Super Bowl football game in Glendale, Arizona. He was bringing a semiautomatic rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition to a parking lot near University of Phoenix Stadium and sent letters to media promising to be “swift and bloody.” He was upset with this inability to open a bar named “Drunkenstein’s.”

Havelock did not carry out his plan and turned himself in — the reason for the light sentence. He was found guilty in June of six counts of mailing threatening communications.

A former restaurant owner, he told the FBI he was angry over the Tempe City Council’s rejection of his liquor application,to open place called “Drunkenstein’s.” In response, he mailed an eight-page manifesto to various media outlets threatening an “econopolitical confrontation.” Of course, most people opt for the re-consideration petition, but Havelock thought the most logical response was to gun strangers down while they watched football.

Ok, I can live with a place named Drunkenstein, but I cannot live with the use of “econopolitical” in this context. He deserves some serious counseling . . . and probably should not be given that liquor license.

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13 thoughts on “Drunkenstein’s Demise: Arizona Man Who Planned Super Bowl Massacre Gets 366 days in Prison”

  1. Maybe it’s just the photo, but his left eye appears to be ‘quarter-sized’ like he had a bad concussion or something. But photos can be deceptive.

    Speaking of Wahlberg, did you catch the SNL ‘Wahlberg Talks to Animals’ sketch? Classic.

    The next weekend Wahlberg went on SNL and revisited the sketch in a very funny way.

  2. Even though he turned himself in, I think it is a very light sentence in light of the danger that he posed to such a large crowd. Another braniac with a remarkable plan to kill. Today must be the day for crazy ideas and less than sane people to make the news.

  3. Mojo
    I’m not sure what you are referring to exactly, but it does appear he has slight strabismus which he could have developed in early childhood or adulthood.

    It is not a predictor of criminal tendencies that I am aware of
    – only the brain compensating for uncorrected visual disturbance like farsightedness in childhood or an active disease process like diabetes, MS, thyroid disease, stroke or even a tumor.

    I have no way of evaluating any of those things simply by looking at a photo.

  4. Click on his photo for a larger image. Is it just me or do his eyes look really weird?

    Not that they shouldn’t given the nature of his threats …

  5. “Jack-N-Asses” is still an available name

    mespo, lol 😉

    He might consider ‘ServinTime’ or ‘366 Beers On The Wall’.

    Oh,the possibilities…

  6. Ummm….I think “a year and a day” would be 366 or 367 days, depending.

  7. “He was upset with this inability to open a bar named “Drunkenstein’s.”

    I hear “Jack-N-Asses” is still an available name for his business, or maybe “Stupid-R-Me.”

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