Kentucky Restaurant Owner Criminally Charged Over Halloween Prank

Police have charged the manager of a chicken restaurant of making a false report after an employee panicked during a Halloween prank. Joe Watkins of the Chicken Ranch restaurant in Paris, Kentucky thought it was funny to lie in a pool of blood on the floor. The police were not amused.

After seeing Watkins on the floor, the woman went screaming from the restaurant to report the murder. Watkins said that the prank was for another employee and that he tried to call the woman back on her cell phone.

While I believe that the stunt was remarkably juvenile, I fail to see how Watkins is guilty of making a false police report that was called in by a third person. Under Kentucky law, creating a prank that leads to a false report is a crime.

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One thought on “Kentucky Restaurant Owner Criminally Charged Over Halloween Prank”

  1. I’m fine with the charge, since I don’t think they have any specific laws regarding ‘incredibly poor taste in pranks’, or ‘freaking someone out who thinks she just stumbled on a murder scene’.

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