Busted at the Fill-A-Buster: State Senator Arrested After Videotaped Stuffing Payoff into Bra

I am not sure which is worse, the criminal charge or the video for Democratic State Senator Dianne Wilkerson. In a video to be shown at her trial for bribery, Wilkerson is shown allegedly stuffing a $1,000 cash payoff into her bra during a meeting at an aptly named restaurant — the Fill-A-Buster.

Wilkerson is accused of accepting eight bribes worth $23,500. She allegedly tried to influence legislation in the state Senate as recently as last week to help a developer.

Things look bad for the once rising star in the Democratic party. Not only is there the videotape but there are three cooperating witness and three undercover FBI agents. Showing the importance of staging, the FBI made sure that the 10 $100 bills were not in an envelope and were clearly visible in the photograph dated June 18, 2007.

I would have expected a plea at this point and that may reflect the decision of the prosecutors to seek the maximum in a high-profile case.

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8 thoughts on “Busted at the Fill-A-Buster: State Senator Arrested After Videotaped Stuffing Payoff into Bra”

  1. That’s a steal. It cost me a lot more than that to buy my soul back after law school. I think I’ll keep mine in my sights from now on. Some improvements in life cannot be measured with a dollar.

  2. Former,
    I like your theory. However, I think this is just run of the mill, ordinary graft. So the going price for a soul in Boston is $23,000?!

  3. The modern-day Madam Senator should have “wired” the money using wireless technology since most women quit using certain underwire bras years ago in the ‘free-spirit’ era.

    I wonder if the “undercover” agents “had a hand in” the actual stuffing operation?

    I do not know where you get this news for the forum, but my trust and confidence in human nature has waned since I accessed this very informative and unique site. The legal professions sure get to deal with some real off-the-wall human incidences.

    Oh, and if I were an attorney, of the ‘ambulance chasin’ kind, I would represent Madam Senator and argue that taking the money and stuffin’ it asunder the bodice was tantamount to entrapment because the male undercover agents likely surreptitiously suggested, and perhaps coerced, the booties’ hiding place on the good lookin’ well-endowed young “lady”. Case Closed! When you’re hot your hot!

  4. Just when you thought Providence, RI had the New England metropolitan corruption crown sewn up, roaring back comes the historic champ Boston. Your move, Hartford.

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