Not So Nice N Easy: Cop Arrested for Stealing Donuts

Sgt. Steve Brody of the Morrisville State College University Police seemed intent on fulfilling stereotypes when he was arrested for stealing donuts. The New York college officer was nailed at the Valero Nice N Easy and is accused of taking $30 worth of pastries on at least 17 occasions.

Nice N Easy offers free coffee to any police officer in uniform, but Brody is accused of stuffing donuts in his pockets when he would pick up the free coffee and a newspaper.
Sgt. Steve Brody of the Morrisville State College University Police stopped daily to buy a newspaper and pick up a free cup of coffee. He also routinely stuffed a pastry into his coat.
Brody is now accused of taking about $30 worth of pastries over at least 17 separate occasions — as captured on video surveillance cameras.

He is not the only officer to fall victim to the irresistible allure of coffee and donuts, here.

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13 thoughts on “Not So Nice N Easy: Cop Arrested for Stealing Donuts”

  1. rafflaw:

    I stand corrected and in shame. I should have said the “ding-dong” defense!

  2. Mespo,
    First of all thanks for the heads up on the war crimes retroactive immunity bill. Secondly, you and Prof. Turley should leave my Twinkies out of this. Twinkies are the ultimate survival food and they are not police favorites so don’t drag the good name of Twinkies through the mud of this crime by one of our police who is supposed to “serve and protect” our twinkies.

  3. Mespo, Mespo, Mespo:

    The problem is that he committed the crime BEFORE he ate the donut. This would make it a anticipatory–twinkie defense claim which is much more difficult to swallow.

  4. JT:

    I am shocked by your stereotyping of this poor soul. An obvious case for the “twinkie” defense I think.

  5. This is clearly a case of attractive nusaince. You can’t start giving the po-po free stuff and expect them to “police” themselves. Especially doughnuts. Sheeesh.

  6. The cop-donut connection is legendary. It is not the price it is the passion.

  7. Who in the world steals donuts?

    I read that all he got was a ticket for petit larceny.

    But I guess the fact that his name is all over and so many people know what he did, it’d be pretty embarassing for him.

    Aren’t donuts usually about .75 or less?

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