Muslims Attack Attack Art Gallery and Artist Over Muslim Art Display In London

Sarah Maple, 23, is a Muslim and an artist in London has triggered a firestorm within the Muslim community. She has been threatened and the front glass windows of the gallery smashed over her portrayal of her own religion. This includes a work showing a woman in a headscarf holding a pig.

Another picture shows the artist in a headscarf with a bare breast. There is no question that such pictures are provocative and clearly intended to be so. However, the level of intolerance and violence directed at an artist is a serious concern for a Western country where pluralism and free expression are valued.

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3 thoughts on “Muslims Attack Attack Art Gallery and Artist Over Muslim Art Display In London”

  1. Charles,

    This is not being honest. Islam is most certainly a religion. It’s just not yours. The killing, hatred and violence committed by christians in christ’s name is a bloodbath running through history and into the present. There are good people in Islam and there are good people who are Christian. The reverse is also true.

  2. This is just another example that proves Islam is NOT a religion, but a ideology; a violent one at that.

    This “religion” has caused so many people people so much misery. The people that has this misery…want to share it with everyone else. Thanks, but no thanks; you can keep this stupid “religion”; Jesus will is fine for me.

  3. That’s a strange definition of shaming one’s religion. I would think issuing death threats would qualify for shaming one’s religion. I’m not certain why this is, but it does seem most every religion refuses to brook criticizm. This is dangerous and I wish the religious would be more self critical and not so power hungry.

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