Vue to a Kill: Police Officer Suspected in Murder of Correctional Guard

Former Deputy Sheriff Chu Vue has been charged with the killing of state correctional officer Steve Lo. In a bail hearing, it was revealed that Vue allegedly had a classic motive for the killing: an affair between his wife and Lo.

Lo, 39, was gunned down in his Sacramento garage while he was leaving for work in the morning.

Vue was fired by Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness after he was indicted under a weapons charge for possession of an illegal assault rifle.

In the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Robert Clancy told Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White: “Officer Lo and the defendant’s wife worked at the same (correctional) facility, (and) they engaged in an intimate relationship, so we have a motive for the defendant to be a participant in the homicide of the correctional officer. We have discovered evidence that the defendant, prior to the death of correctional officer Lo, had unlawfully accessed law enforcement databases to track him (Lo) down, to find out exactly where he lived and resided.”

He is technically only a suspect in the killing until he is formally charged but the bail hearing indicates that such a charge may be coming soon. It is the type of motive that prosecutors love. An otherwise circumstantial case can become quite powerful before a jury when combined with a cuckolded husband theory.

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