Islamic Court in Somalia Orders Men to Stone to Death 13-Year-Old Rape Victim for Adultery

The stoning death of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow for adultery in Somalia was disturbing enough, particularly after the local cleric said that Duhulow asked for the stoning. Now, Amnesty International has reported that Duholow was not 23, as claimed, but only 13 years old and had been raped by three men. BBC reports that these grown men slowly stoned her to death as the little girl begged “Don’t Kill Me, Don’t Kill Me.” A signature moment for these Sharia courts.

Over a 1000 people gathered in a stadium in the port city of Kismayo, Somalia to watch dozens of men stone the little girl to death.

For the report from Amnesty International, click here.

10 thoughts on “Islamic Court in Somalia Orders Men to Stone to Death 13-Year-Old Rape Victim for Adultery”

  1. B you’re an idiot. You know nothing about Islam. To make the assumption that a merciful Allah wouldn’t want that just highlights your pathetic ignorance. If 4 witnesses cannot be provided to a rape ( as indicated in the Quran) it becomes adultery or illegal sex and they are accountable to these harsh punishments. Seriously it’s ignorant fucking morons like you that cause the world to do nothing about the evil spread of Islam ( a religio n hat honours a prophet who was a padeophile and had sex slaves-LOVELY!).

  2. Islamic law does prescribe such things…girls as young as 9 are culpable and can be killed as punishment, whereas boys are not responsible till 15. It depends on the country and how they carry out Sharia. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, and Nigeria execute for adultery, and there may be others but I’m sure of these. Egypt does not execute for adultery…that is the only country I know for sure…some other moderate countries may not…The extremist fundamentalists will kill, and they will kill rape victims and children. The fact that there is a movement for the spread of Islamic states such as these makes me shudder in horror. The world is in great danger from Islamic fundamentalism.
    It’s sad that 13 yr old girl did not ask to be raped, she did not enjoy that sexual encounter…the man who raped her knew what he was doing and took his pleasure in sex and power over. She got killed, and he probably got no punishment at all. Is this justice? This is barbaric! This surely is not what a merciful God or Allah would want.

  3. Remember not so long ago, another young girl being killed for having married some lad from another culture somewhere else in the world. I honestly think that some men are so disgusting and horrible and nasty…. thank god I lead the life I am able to lead. This girl was only a child, and even if the other account is true, and that she was 23, and had an affair, so what, its hardly the crime of the centuary is it. (And I can say that after being married for over 30 years my self) What on earth were people doing watching it, that seems so terribly horrible to.. Unless they are forced to watch, as a lesson. I dont understand anything at all, still, people have been cruel throughout history throughout the world, but its now 2008, we should realise its not either nice or necessary. I feel so sorry for those women born into cultures that see them as so ‘invisible or useless’. Those 3 men are the ones to blame, not that poor young girl/woman. And even if she was having an affair, it was with a man, what has happened to him… I wish I could write something clever, I wish I could wave a magic wand, I wish we lived in a fair and civilized WORLD..

  4. Good grief…this is insane! I cannot for the life of me understand the mentality of those people. Shame on those men for raping her, regardess of how old they thought she was!

    She was a child!! And that is what they think is a suitable punishment?
    She didn’t even deserve a punishment, those men did.

    I really feel sorry for the children in those countries. I don’t think any of us really know how good we do have it over here in the USA

  5. I think that it may be possible the child requested to be stoned. If she was convinced that she was at fault, guilty for it she may also have been misled into thinking that accepting the stoning was her penance or cleansing that would allow her to be welcomed into paradise after death. And that with no concept of the pain or terror she would feel when this sentence was actually carried out. Horrific. Does Islamic law really prescribe such things, or is this an abuse or local misinterpretation of Islamic law?

  6. This is an amazing story. If I understand it correctly, her “crime” was being raped? How any country and any religion can allow and sanction the execution of a 13 year old by any method confounds me. I consider it murder by government/religion. And this crap about her wanting to be stoned. I believe that as much as I believe Dick Cheney.

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