Drunk Drivers Find Each Other on Wisconsin Highway

thumb_policeman_cartoonIn Eloit, Wisconsin, two perfectly suited men found each other. Two drunk drivers spared other drivers and ran head on into each other. A 17-year-old driver struck Joshua Krueger, 35, who was also driving drunk at the time. This is only one of a number of bizarre recent drunk driving cases.

It was the teenager’s car that crossed into the oncoming lane and struck Krueger’s vehicle.
The teenager is in serious condition and this was Krueger’s second drunken driving offense. The teenager has also been charged.

Of course, in Vienna, a drunk driver out did these men by having himself charged twice for drunk driving. The 65-year-old Austrian man was charged with drink driving and had his keys taken away by officers. He went home and got a spare set of keys. He found his abandoned car and drove to the police station to complain. Since he was still drunk, he was charged a second time. Click here for the full story. Not to be outdone by a foreign drunk driver, a Pennsylvania man was recently arrested twice for drunk driving within six hours, click here.

Of course, in Alohoa, Oregon 45-year-old Maura Steele went one better and actually hit a “don’t drink and drive” sign and then a power pole. She was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. Click here for the Oregon story.

For the full story from Wisconsin, click here

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