Stevens Juror Admits that She Lied About Dad — Went to Horse Track

Juror No. 4 has been located. If you recall, the trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was thrown into disarray by the death of the father of Juror No. 4. In the latter matter, efforts to locate Juror No. 4 were strangely unsuccessful. Now, Marian Hinnant has come forward and admitted that she lied about her dad dying and went to California for a horse race. Her dad is very much alive.

Hinnant told reporters that she would have voted to convict Stevens, but that “I just wanted to go to the Breeders’ Cup.”

This is truly unbelievable. First, that Hinnant would have the audacity to lie to the Court in a criminal trial — let alone a high-profile trial. Second, most people would be excited to participate in a historic trial. Hinnant appears so shallow and narcissistic that she saw no problem in blowing off the trial for a day at the track.

Juror No. 4 disappeared after the Court had to deal with an unruly or obnoxious juror.

While she was betting on the ponies, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan had to delay the whole trial. In the meantime, Alaskans had to wait to see if one of the candidates for office would be convicted. None of that appears to have mattered to Hinnant.

What is doubly astonishing is that the Court does not appear inclined to hold her in contempt. There should be jail time for such misrepresentations, even if only briefly. Judge Sullivan is known as a very nice person and I have been before him for years in litigation. However, I can’t see how this person can simply walk out of the courtroom without penalty.

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6 thoughts on “Stevens Juror Admits that She Lied About Dad — Went to Horse Track”

  1. Hey Turley, If you are such a hotshot attorney, please inform the people here why this is big trouble for the so called conviction of Stevens.

  2. It sounds like this juror has some serious mental health issues. I can only assume that this is why the judge did not throw the book at her.

  3. I can’t believe NOTHING is going to happen to this person. I can’t imagine the rest of the jurors are too pleased about this!

  4. Hi there, piping in here because CNN linked to your blog. The juror is not a licensed paralegal, as the source states. Paralegals are not licensed. They are certified. Kinda bugs me that in the rush to get stories out, the facts fall by the wayside.

  5. Truth, justice, and the american way!! What cracks me up, is that this was a corruption trial to boot. Classic. I think it speaks volumes.

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