Drunken Adam Smith Admits Plagarism and Resigns with “F— You” to Bosses on YouTube Video

13911Not that Adam Smith. But Birmingham Mail’s Adam Smith (also known as Steve Zacharanda) may be an even bigger sensation with his drunken YouTube appearance where he admits to plagiarizing from the BBC, chasing women, and then resigns with a “F— You” to his bosses in England.

Smith was caught flopped against a set of railings and trying to email copy to his newspaper while stumbling drunk. The video was shot by a Dutch amateur journalist from Couscous Global. While repeatedly assuring the viewer that he is a “legitimate journalist,” he admits that he worked the campaign (that he is covering) as a volunteer for the Obama campaign. Just to complete the nightmare for his editors, he adds “And thank god for the BBC, because I’m cutting and pasting, oh, baby!”

However he insists: “I’m a proper news journalist.” Not anymore it seems.

For the full story and video, click here.

6 thoughts on “Drunken Adam Smith Admits Plagarism and Resigns with “F— You” to Bosses on YouTube Video”

  1. Sally,

    To quote the only right-winger I truly like, Montgomery Burns, “Excellent.”

  2. Budda….please. Of course I’ve had bosses that have deserved a big ol’ F You. But I certainly would not post it on the internet. There are classier ways to get back at your bad boss.

    If I worked for Rupert Murdoch annd I was put in a situation that I felt was morally wrong, I’d quit. I’ve got enought backbone to stand up for what I believe in. And I would have no problem telling another possible boss why I quit.

    I believe that you teach people how you want to be treated. I don’t let bosses intimadate me or my family. Or anyone else for that matter.

    It takes a strong person to stand up for what they believe in, regardless of the outcome.

  3. Sally,

    You must have had nothing but charming bosses. Was he eloquent? No. Was he smart? Certainly not. But I’ve had bosses (not for a long long time thankfully) that not only deserved a big F you on the way out, I know two that got them – one with a big ol’ cherry on top. I just didn’t post it on YouTube or tell them that while drunk. So maybe you should consider being in his shoes.

    Here’s an example. If you worked for Rupert Murdoch and were given a choice of lying, committing a crime or walking away, would you still work for Fox News? What about if Rupe hit on you or your significant other all the time? What if he intimidated or coerced you purposefully? Stole from you? Abused you in front of co-workers? Generally worked against you? Slandered or defamed you? Kicked your dog? Urinated in your coffee urn? Spit on your kids?

    Bottom line is none of us has a clue what this guy’s working life was like except him, his boss, co-workers and possibly family. Like any relationship, it’s a variable, a dynamic interaction – some are great and some are soul crushing. It may have been pure Hell or he may just be a first class drunken dipstick. We don’t know. But I am fairly certain that some people do indeed deserve the finger, either expressly or indirectly. This is just a good example of how NOT to do it.

  4. This is a very good example of how one should resign from their job! What a smart, educated young man!! I’d hire him any day!!

    I also believe that it is very smart to post embarassing videos and/or photos of oneself acting like a fool online. No one will ever find it, right?

    This guy is a sheer genuis, that’s for sure.

    He better find himself a spot in the unemployment line, it’s getting rather long these days

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