“Child Witches” of Nigeria Being Murdered or Abandoned in Large Numbers

180px-lassa_witch_doctorsMuch of the world is ignoring the plight of children in Nigeria who are being murdered or abandoned in that country’s continued belief in witches and black magic. A typical case is a young girl named Mary featured by the Telegraph. Her father threw her out after a local priest accused her of being a witch and responsible for causing her mother’s death due to her “evil powers.” Mary was lucky. Other Nigerian children are being poisoned, tortured, or murdered in other ways due to prehistoric prejudices of their parents. Some are being burned to “cleanse” the community and one little girl named Uma had a three-inch nail driven into her head.

Most of these cases are the result of Christian fundamentalist religions in the country that mix traditional beliefs with Christianity. Notably, the African minister embraced by Gov. Sarah Palin was also a witch hunter in this tradition in Kenya.

The Telegraph reports that “Ten years ago there were few cases of children stigmatised by witchcraft. But since then the numbers have grown at an alarming rate and have reached an estimated 15,000 in Akwa Ibom state alone.”

It is a report that should cause the international community to demand more from the Nigerian government in combating such ignorance and abuse.

8 thoughts on ““Child Witches” of Nigeria Being Murdered or Abandoned in Large Numbers”

  1. Children have no power and are not safe unless adults make it safe. Is it possible for me to outlaw organized religion? If so, I would like to hire Professor Turley to handle the case and make it happen.

  2. Great job Professor Turley! One less neocon spammer.
    These religions that put kids in peril just blows my mind. It is interesting that it is always religions that put an emphasis on the male dominance that seem to get into these bizarre activities. I wonder if Sarah from Alaska will denounce this kind of activity?

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  4. However, isn’t the constitutional scholar infringing on 1st Amendment rights by deleting obnoxious and/or topic-irrelevant Spam?

    Note: Mine is a devil’s advocate question that often arises within Internet fora and one that an honored and respected attorney well-versed in constitutional law could answer for everyone’s understanding (I think I know the answer, however…)

  5. Hey, thanks JT! You’re not only a legal scholar but an effective bouncer as well. If the law thing doesn’t pan out, I have a buddy who owns a bar . . .

  6. binko,

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    Just as I suspected.


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