Perils of the Press III: When Cows are Cows on Live Television

black-and-white-cow-3As an addition to our running collection of the perils of the press, here is a video of what happens when you use the working end of a cow as a backdrop for your live television broadcast.

It appears that bovine viewers feel the same about the state of modern media in our country. The reporter does an admirable job. He opens with a reference to a “whiff of entertainment news” before trying re-gain control with a promise of having “the poop on Britney Spears.” The only thing missing is a director screaming “Cue the cows!”

For the video, click here

8 thoughts on “Perils of the Press III: When Cows are Cows on Live Television”

  1. That was an awesome video. It kind of sums up my feeling about Fox News, but as Jill mentioned, the reporter on the scene did a good job going “with the flow”!

  2. That guy was great! What a wonderful sense of humor to match the cow’s wonderful sense of timing. It’s nice to see people not taking their job so seriously. I vote for a cow at every Press Conference! (Have to make sure Cheney’s guns are put away, so he won’t shoot it though.)

  3. I guess my only real question is is this a grassroots movement?

    Perhaps it’s nap time. The silly is just out of control.

  4. I don’t see what the beef is. Even though they can’t vote, it was mooving that the bovines chose to comment on how the media selectively grazes the facts.

    Feel free to throw things at me now. 😀

  5. Given the current “mess” excreted from the right wing of the GOP, with the assistance of its journalistic enablers, how ‘apropos’ it was that the excrement occurred over the *right* shoulder of the reporter rather than his left.

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