Idaho Woman Found Living With Deer in Double-Wide Sues for $2 Million

thumb_warning_street_sign_deer_crossingDarlene Gardner was charged with animal abuse after she was found to be living with her family (no problem) and 30 animals, including two deer, (big problem) in Northern Idaho. After many of the animals were euthanized and others released into the wild, Gardner has filed a federal lawsuit seeking $2 million. Among other things, she alleges that the original search was conducted without a warrant.

At the time of the arrest, officials found two deer living in a North Idaho double-wide and seized another 30 animals, including a 28-year-old horse. The resulting animal cruelty charges were dismissed against Darlene Gardner. However, her husband Wayne Gardner pleaded guilty to such charges.

Gardner is now accusing the Kootenai County and Sheriff’s Office of being “jack-booted thugs.” She says that they pushed the door in on her 16-year-old daughter who was home alone, watching TV with her pet deer and shih tzu. Gardner stated: “These animals were my life and my family. People need to know they killed my babies.”

Of course, she could call a certain fat guy who lives far up North and is known to live with deer like family.thumb_christmas_santa_w_deer
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