Blood Money: Man Convicted on the Basis of a Bloody One Dollar Bill

perry0701dnews Perry Murder griffinIn Logan, Utah, a jury had a literal case of blood money in the hands of a murderer. Glenn Howard Griffin, 51, was found guilty of murder after a bloody dollar bill was traced to him from the robbery and killing of a service station attendant in 1984.

Griffin killed Bradley Newell Perry while he was working late at a convenience store in Brigham City on May 26, 1984. He was bludgeoned and stabbed to death. When two men came into the store, Griffin pretended to be the service attendant and gave them change with some of the bloody money. In 2005, DNA testing linked Griffin to blood found on the bill.

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2 thoughts on “Blood Money: Man Convicted on the Basis of a Bloody One Dollar Bill”

  1. Hate to mention it, but does Griffin remind anyone of Keith Olbermann? It’s uncanny to my admittedly untrained eye!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that police authorities can use DNA to track down a killer from so far in the past. If the science was done properly, it seems to be a good ending to a very sad event. DNA is such a powerful tool in determining culpability or innocence.

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