Open Grills: Another Woman Testifies That She Helped Lori Drew and Set Up Mean Meier

ashley-grillsIn bombshell testimony, Ashley Grills, a co-worker and friend of Lori Drew, admitted under a grand of immunity that it was her idea to set up Megan Meier, 13. Grills also admitted that she was the one who sent the terrible final message that told Meier that the world would be better without her — just before Meier committed suicide.

Grills now competes with Drew as the worst mother in the world. However, the difference is that Grills received immunity before testifying that she came up with the idea to set up Meier and then delivered the coup de grâce.

180px-megan_meier_ctGrills, 20, said she, while she was the one who came up with the idea of the MySpace account, Drew agreed and “thought it was funny.” It was Grills who not only helped set up the site and the fake character of “Josh Evans” (with whom Megan became infatuated) and it was Grills who told her (in the character of Evans) that “the world would be a better place without you.”

Drew, 49, is accused of violating federal law by providing false information to MySpace to set up the account, obtaining information about Megan in violation of MySpace rules, and then using the MySpace account to intentionally “inflict emotional distress” on the girl. Grills testified that she set out “to expose Megan” for spreading rumors.

Notably, Grills admitted that she stated concerns about getting into trouble over the fake site, but Drew convinced her that people do it all the time.

Also testifying was hairdresser, Dawn Chu, who said that Lori Drew told her she had a “funny story” to tell her about the fake site. She testified that she told Drew it was wrong but that Drew did not respond. Notably, Drew came in for another haircut on the day of the wake and Chu asked why she was going given her role. She quoted Drew as saying, “It’s not like I pulled the trigger.”

The testimony seems to confirm the worst about Drew and her seriously flawed sense of morality. It is equally damning of Grills, who will now live with the infamy but not the criminal culpability.

In this video, Grills states on GMA that “I guess I am, I mean I’m partially to blame. They’re partially to blame.” Really” “I guess I am”? It is astonishing that this individual would even seek out a national interview rather than retreat in shame for the rest of her life.

Once again, I fail to understand the failure of the Meier family to sue Drew and Grills in tort.

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  1. Why AREN’T the Meiers suing in tort? Maybe $$$? I’m sure somebody would take their cause. The application of federal computer crime statutes doesn’t make too much sense here–as Prof Kerr pointed out, we all violate Terms of Service all the time!

  2. MASkepic:

    I think you are correct but I might consider the eighth bolgia too, with its false advisers membership.

  3. I am researching which circle of Hell would be most appropriate for these two. Will advise.

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