Talkin’ Turkey: Palin Gives Interview as Man Slaughters Turkeys Behind Her

defaultThis video should be a classic for years to come. Gov. Sarah Palin gave an interview this week after giving a turkey the annual reprieve — a photo op that all politicians crave. This is not exactly what they strive for. As she speaks to reporters, look over her shoulder. A man proceeds to slaughter less politically connected turkeys behind her.

Of course, Palin may be able to claim to have personally uncovered health code violations. Open-air slaughtering may be permitted in Alaska, but that place looks like an invitation for a surprise inspection.

I love how the turkey guy is watching eagerly as he stuffs a turkey head first in the machine. It is a powerful backdrop for Palin to recount her blessings of the year. I particularly like how Palin speaks of how brutal the campaign has been with the guy working over these birds in the background.

We can all look forward to Palin’s Annual Christmas Greetings from the fat rendering plant.

For the video, click here.

19 thoughts on “Talkin’ Turkey: Palin Gives Interview as Man Slaughters Turkeys Behind Her”

  1. Buddha, FFLeo, and Jill,
    We’re all on the same page. In fairness, while I detest the MSM and Punditry, I took great comfort in how the American Public stopped buying the Iraq War propaganda, the wise Bush/Cheney and the lack of experience meme re: Obama. While the cynicism of my intellect says no, the emotional part of me believe that yes, We The People are far smarter collectively than we are given credit for being. It’s the “insiders” from both political parties who feel disdain towards the public they serve. The MSM and the Pundits are like “Courtiers at Court,” willing to change the King’s chamberpot as a sign of their misguided self importance.

  2. Mike and FFLEO,

    I think you both make excellent points. If the press did its true and best job Sara Palin would be exposed and there would be no need to destroy her in the sense Mike describes. Every politician deserves real scrutiny as FFLEO says.

    The trouble comes when, as Mike pointed out, the press no longer performs the work of honest scrutiny. Instead it moves to either bizarrely build up or tear down the person of their choice. Once they latch on to someone they like, they commit idolatry and will not criticize that person no matter what they do. If they decided they do not like someone, they do go after that person with a vengence.

    The news people seem to consider themselves simultaneously “wise people” and celebrities. Their work revolves around their own vapid personalities and opinions. The amount of real information and investigation available to the public shrinks by the hour. This is so dangerous and destructive of democracy.

  3. Mike,

    I understand and agree with many of your statements. I still prefer allowing all of the MSN’s ambivalent muckraking because the strongest candidates will eventually survive. I would rather see many good persons assailed by turncoat MSN biasedness than allowing one Sarah Palin-like demagogue to escape the exposure of her true character.

    The American citizenry is slowly becoming more adept at sorting out fact from fiction. The general populace will began to see the style of hypocrisy you mentioned and then ignore the worst of the baseless character assassinations bandied about by the MSN.

  4. Mike,

    The MSM reminds me of The Gov’s henchmen in “Blazing Saddles”.

    All is well and good until someone (in this case, Mel Brooks) says, “I didn’t get a harumph outta that guy!”

    You raise some valid points there, including the one about Palin deserving destruction and political neutralization. But I have to agree the media is acting badly on the whole. I point to Chris Matthews, the former Cheney butt kisser deluxe who now gets a thrill up his leg over Obama. Could this guy be any more of a suck up? I think not.

    The MSM has lost their focus on the mission of the 4th Estate. Here’s a hint to you in the bull pen. It’s not all about ad revenue and warm fuzzies.

  5. Let me make this clear: I loathe Sara Palin, cannot stand to hear her speak and truly believe that she is an ignorant bimbo. That caveat expressed, I do believe that the MSM is consciously trying to destroy her and I decry it. This is not for her sake because she is a figure that truly deserves political destruction.

    However, our MSM and its’ pundits view political destruction and ridicule as a game. They derive a sadistic satisfaction from it as long as their targets don’t frighten them. After all it wasn’t until Bush and Cheney’s popularity ratings plummeted that these media Brahmans began to ridicule them. Prior to that they blandly accepted and defended a murderous, illegal war and destruction of our constitutional protections, because like bully’s everywhere they were too cowardly to take on power. It was much easier to ridicule Kerry as being too French, Hillary as a bitch, Biden as a plagiarizer, etc. ad infinitum.

    Palin was initially lionized as a “game changer” although polls within a week began to show that the public in general didn’t care for her. The lionization continued way past the point when the rest of us realized she was McCain’s mistake. Finally, when the punditry and MSM were confronted by her inability to perform creditably in Gibson and Couric’s rather softball interviews, these dim bulbs (thought to be perceptive)followed the public and turned on her. At this point they need for her to be destroyed so they can forget their own misperceptions and lack of insight. Just as they only lately have turned on Bush.

    My problem with all this is that the MSM and assorted pundits are in the main smugly insular know nothings who exert some influence on an unsuspecting public, who have been conned into believing they are savvy via a tautological exercise of self congratulation by the MSM tools. While Palin deserves this ridicule, I’ve seen this process played out with too many worthy people, to take satisfaction in her destruction.

  6. mespo,

    I’ve shot a fair amount of stills (H.S. paper + amateur art photos) and I know a few video professionals. The framing says it all. Unless they had never operated a camera before, were high, were just plain dumb or suffer an almost Homer-like turkey compulsion (Bob? Are you shooting video on the side?) there is a possibility it was a purposeful shot based on the framing alone. While the video made me smile, the thought that it’s purposeful makes me laugh out loud. The best sabotage is so subtle it looks like accident or natural process.

  7. I have no expertise as a camera operator but what would possess the guy or gal to frame that shot so that our friendly poultry worker was the main subject of the shot while Palin was speaking? I like to think that he/she was a patriot exposing the loon on the left of the shot as the demagogue she truly has become.

  8. I saw a triad of turkeys in the clip but only the worst of them was cacklin’…

  9. Charity,

    That is a rather cynical interpretation. I suppose you think Joe the Plumber was trying to milk his 15 mins. of fame!

  10. Them turkeys have to get slaughtered somewhere, somehow?

    And if Palin gives an interview where I work, I know I won’t stop doing whatever I’ll be doing.

    Am I missing the issue?

  11. It is indeed the real McCoy. Fox, CBS and others have picked it up. This will be the most famous turkey killer in history. If he does not end up on Good Morning America, there is something wrong with this country.

  12. This isn’t real is it? If it is, Sara’s chief of symbols is really off his game!

    If this is true and you enjoyed watching it, you have to give money to a turkey sanctuary, sort of like a moral carbon offset.

  13. I hope Red State Update makes a video about this. This is the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

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