Report: Vicks Personally Hanged and Drowned Dogs

2549Just when you thought that football star Michael Vick’s reputation could not get any worse than after his conviction for dog fighting, it does. A new report states that Vick personally killed at least seven of his fighting dogs by hanging or drowning. The report also says that Vick failed police polygraph tests in which he denied killing animals.

This could not come at a worse time for Vicks as he faces sentencing with the entering of a guilty plea to state charges. Vick indicated that he wants to return to professional football.

Vick has been serving his 23-month sentence at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, for his federal dogfighting conspiracy.

This will make a plea with no jail time controversial for state prosecutors, but it is predicted that he will not have to do additional time on the charges.

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12 thoughts on “Report: Vicks Personally Hanged and Drowned Dogs”

  1. he needs to honestly take a minute and think about what hes doing hes a sick person who needs to really learn his lesson i think someone should hang him or drown him because this is not funny and i dont see how he can get plessure from this . he is obviosly a bad person and should not be a football star!
    so chocke on that michael vick!!!!!

  2. Was football as entertaining when it was only played by squeeky clean white guys who could actually get into college without athletic scholarships??? I pretty sure it wasn’t.

    I went to the University of Texas. I had guys in class with tutors/baby-sitters taking notes for them. I’m sure Vick worked really hard a being a good football player. I doubt he’s ever worked hard at anything else in his life.

    If we want the kind of spetacular entertainment that the NFL provides we should encourage kids everywhere to act like even bigger retards than Vick. Millions in cold cash + thuggish retard = entertainment gold!!!!!! So stop fucking complaining about the dog fights….entertainment gold!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob and Raff,

    I think you’re ignoring the true face of evil in the NFL…
    The Raiders. That being said, whoever was calling the plays for the Broncos on Sun. needs to be fired.

  4. I’ve got five bucks that says the Dallas Cowboys will recruit him regardless as a backup QB for Tony Romo.

  5. This guy is just a punk. A punk with too much cash in his hands. He should spend a lot more time behind bars if he killed those dogs by hanging them or drowning them. Isn’t animal cruelty common among serial murderers? This guy should be making license plates for a living, not playing in the NFL.

  6. Buddha: “[H]e still gets laid more than I do.” I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Mr. Vick has previously settled out of court for knowingly giving a young woman herpes. The case also gave everyone a brief glimpse into the psyche of Vick when it was disclosed that he uses the alias “Ron Mexico” when he gets treatment for his disease. Just goes to show you, always check the quality of the turf before stepping on the field.

  7. Yeah, he needs to be justly rewarded with a minimum wage career. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. I’m pretty sure he’s a borderline sociopath or worse. And the worst part is is that because of the athletic hero worship that our society condones (sigh), he still gets laid more than I do. I’m sure I have a higher quality rating though. What kind of woman would sleep with a man like that? Sad, really. Sad all the way around.

  8. I know that former Quarterback Vick does not play defense. However, he is unqualified to return to football, even in the *rover back* position on any intramural or extramural little league team, especially the ‘River City Bulldogs’.

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