Thank You Sarah Palin

artpalinad1cnnThe campaign may be weeks over but the ads for Sarah Palin are about to begin again. A new political action committee has formed and is running the “Thank You Sarah Palin” ad below praising Sarah Palin and thanking her for being her.

The ads are designed with a Thanksgiving theme. It is a must see. It is so awkward and painful that it is a mesmerizing. It is as unsettling and captivating as the “Obama Youth” video.

This ad is so weird that I was a bit skeptical, but it is being reported as true, here. This rather campy production is put on by something called “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC — an organization that apparently does not believe that we deserve better graphics or writing.

I must confess to some irritation when people thank Palin for teaching her son in the military of
the greatest of America and the honor and the valor of serving in the nation’s armed forces.” Are there many parents who do not raise their kids this way? It is the same feeling that I had when John McCain constantly cited the fact that Palin has a disabled child as a type of credential. I was raised that the nobility in such facts was not taking credit for them. The praise for Palin in raising a son who loves this country strongly suggests that this distinguishes her from other parents, particularly liberal parents.

Of course, pundits and comedians also wish to thank Sarah Palin, though they were excluded from the piece. Palin has continued to add to the library of Palin pieces, including the recent Turkey slaughter piece just in time for the holiday.

For the ad, click here.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Sarah Palin”

  1. Shrieking Sarah will be ever present with us straight into 2012. The plutocrats see her as the next clueless candidate to become their Stooge in the White House. It is reasonable to predict that her main forum will be the Fox Newsfixers Channel, where she and the scoundrels over there enjoy playing patty-cake with her in harmless interviews. Hannutsy and van Susteren have been the “reporters” in charge of her appearances. Hannutsy with no academic credentials entertains those of us who can endure Fox briefly with his ludicrous posturing as a trained journalist with an expertise in domestic and international political issues. As to Greta van Susteren, the newest of the propagandists, she had several interviews during the campaign with Shrieking Sarah and the First Du(fus). In each, she was an insufferable sycophant. The vast community of Dupes and Cretins who saw her during the campaign as fully competent to assume the presidency in the event that McBush should have become disabled affirms the opinion of experts that a huge percentage of voters in this Country are just simply politically ignorant and have no interest in becoming informed. It is no wonder that we have characters like Hairless Joe the Plumber and Shrieking Sarah the Airhead receiving so much undeserved attention and credibility, and worse, because of the appalling voter ignorance we are too often stuck with a gross mediocraty like Bush 43 in the Oval Office.

  2. I rise to thank Sarah Palin too. Were she not who she is, she might have been Vice-President. Brava.

  3. I saw one of those Palin commercials tonight when I got home from work. It was horrible. I was hoping we were done hearing from or about this woman. Anyone who would make rape victims pay for their own rape kits should be drummed out of office.

  4. After the Slaughter House 2 sequel of ‘Let’s Turkey Trot Talk’ video, I have hit the wall with SP’s voice and appearances.

    However, like a beautiful woman (not SP!) or one of life’s grossest caricatures (yes, SP), you just caint seem to force yourself to look away!

    Is anyone else here old enough to remember when the early 1960s song ‘Let’s Turkey Trot’ was popular and who here will admit to dancing the TT?

    I cannot watch that Palin turkey video again because that phrase “shoo-shoo gobble, gobble diddle-it! keeps a’goin’ through my mind…

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