Lawyer Tasered at Tampa Hearing

180px-m26_taserCarl Roland Hayes, 53, appeared at a city Code enforcement hearing in Tampa, Florida and was tasered twice after becoming upset and allegedly unruly. The controversy turned on the fact that Hayes installed aluminum windows rather than wooden windows in a historic home.

Officer Dan Miller escorted Hayes from the hearing after Hayes became upset with remarks from historic preservation code inspector Aminta Owen. He allegedly accused white people in the room of being racists and yelled that he was just trying to live his life. Hayes wanted to replace a couple windows a month but Own objected that it would take too long. Hayes said that he just had brain surgery and lost half his money.

Miller said that Hayes slapped the his face and he hit him with the taser, which had little effect. He then decided to “drive stun” Hayes by holding the gun directly to his chest.

Hayes has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, trespassing after warning and obstructing an officer with violence.

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22 thoughts on “Lawyer Tasered at Tampa Hearing”

  1. You utter fools. I’m the lightest of the light Aryans but just because I’m blonde and blue eyes doesn’t mean I believe people should not be treated EQUALLY. But this thing with Code Violations hearing? I wonder if it was the Citys ‘Quasi-judicial’ dog and pony show. Hate to break the news to you all but the Public, you and I, are the Beneficiary’s. The Public Servants (Trustees) are the cops, judges, clerks, government, etc. The Public Trustees have INVERTED the trust whereby some cop or some fool at Code Enforcement hands us a ticket or a violation and this Co-Appoints us as the Trustee, making the Public servants the beneficiary. THIS IS UNREAL. Fight back. They cannot do anything you do not consent to. These cops want you to think that a ticket is a valid cause of action. It’s not. I’m not kidding. But you must state verbally ‘I waive all benefits and privileges and I release this court from its duty to perform, as consideration” and if you get found guilty of something where you didn’t harm a living soul and/or property, the court has NO CASE.

  2. I remember when the mission of a law enforcement PUBLIC SERVANT was to actually serve the public. This as opposed to revenue raising traffic tax assessors and handmaidens of the corrupt. Tasers do not save lives. Dedicated people who only resort to violence as a last resort as a method of solving problems do. I move for mandatory phychoanalysis of ALL public servants in all capacities to weed out those who gain a sensation of power from wielding their positions against those they serve. It is treason to be a public servent and to abuse that trust.

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