Student Disciplined for Spiking Brownies Then Testing Reveals That They Contain . . . Brownies

TexasThree students at the Chapin High School in El Paso, Texas seems to have fallen under the Red Queen of Hearts rule of “Sentence first—verdict afterwards.” Three high school students were disciplined after they were accused of lacing brownies with laxatives — and later confessed under investigation by the school. There is only one problem: the Armstrong Forensic Laboratory Inc. in Arlington found the the brownies contained pure, uncut . . . brownies.

There is no question that the students should have been punished for causing such a ruckus and creating what could be viewed as a threat to the Andress High dance team that ate the brownies. Media ran with the story of brownies laced with at poisoning, Clorox, and laxatives in November.

The district suspended the three students for three days, barred them from football games and were going to be placed in an alternative school for the remainder of the semester.

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