Student Disciplined for Spiking Brownies Then Testing Reveals That They Contain . . . Brownies

TexasThree students at the Chapin High School in El Paso, Texas seems to have fallen under the Red Queen of Hearts rule of “Sentence first—verdict afterwards.” Three high school students were disciplined after they were accused of lacing brownies with laxatives — and later confessed under investigation by the school. There is only one problem: the Armstrong Forensic Laboratory Inc. in Arlington found the the brownies contained pure, uncut . . . brownies.

There is no question that the students should have been punished for causing such a ruckus and creating what could be viewed as a threat to the Andress High dance team that ate the brownies. Media ran with the story of brownies laced with at poisoning, Clorox, and laxatives in November.

The district suspended the three students for three days, barred them from football games and were going to be placed in an alternative school for the remainder of the semester.

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  1. LJM,
    Maybe you are right, maybe folks like Daloe would follow a life of crime if they didn’t have such important trolling to do here.

  2. I’m so glad the internet keeps folks like Daloe busy. Otherwise, who knows what they’d be doing?

  3. Daloe,
    at least do some work and post a different non-responsive answer for each thread. I know that trolling is alot of fun, but don’t you get tired of spewing the same nonsense on every thread?

  4. The school administrators learned that students handed out laced brownies. They investigated. Some students admitted that that they had used laxatives in the mix. The school set a boundary per the established hand book. If you boast you made mischief and get caught up in it, I think the suspensions were balanced not bogus.

    Just step around irrelevant posts like you would horseshit, mine included if need be.

    Make no mistake: GOP is paying trolls to “blog attack” link here:

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  6. Wow. That is a heavy penalty for being innocent! I think the administrators and teachers that were involved in the sentencing should have a suspension for the same number of days, without pay. Buddah, don’t Bogart that Brownie, pass it over to me!(without the nuts)

  7. Hey JT: here is a constitutional question for you while you are sweating it out working off those candy bars 40 pounds on your eliptical trainer:


    Here is a constitutional question for you while you are sweating it out working off those candy bars 40 pounds on your eliptical trainer:


    Well, CAN WE?

  8. If pure, uncut brownies are a crime I could be in trouble. I’m a repeat offender. With the special circumstance of ice cream, whipped cream and chopped nuts used in commission of a delicious crime.

    And speaking of nuts, the secret word for those of you playing the home version of “Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Others” is “irrelevant”.

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  10. BTW,

    A great way to get kicked out of Boy Scout Summer Camp is to get caught with Citrate of Magnesia (looks and tastes like 7-UP).


  11. Remember Barney Miller?

    Yemana: [when he’s stoned on the brownies with the hashish] Barney, Barney, Barney, is your mother from Killarney?

    [a minute later]

    Yemana: What do you say we guys go down to the beach, and shoot some clams?

  12. Cook County Dem: Thanks; we should care, because Holmes’ use of the colon is much classier than a semicolon.

  13. Henry thank you and I do care, your Uber Beautiful Baby!

    Seamus that’s pure crazy talk, the Queen of Hearts could’ave had your head.

  14. Cook County Dem: It depends whether the statement is false (which I suppose it would be if everyone in the theater were male). Justice Holmes’ words were “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47, 52 (1919). This is frequently misquoted by omitting “falsely” and inserting “crowded.” (Holmes did not address the question whether the First Amendment would protect a woman in falsely shouting fire in a theatre, but under later interpretations of the Equal Protection Clause, we may assume that it would not.)

    In case anyone cares, another famous line of Holmes’ is also frequently misquoted in print. He said, in his book _The Common Law_, “The life of the law has not been logic: it has been experience.” On most occasions that I see this line quoted, a semicolon is substituted for the colon.

  15. Wouldn’t it be similar to yelling vagina in a crowded movie theater?
    OOpps I mean fire.
    I read the possibly related posts.

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