Town Moves to Take Away Disabled Kids’ Pony — Then Backs Down

180px-blueklhsAs a three-year-old with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, one would think that people might cut Sam Spiteri a bit of slack. But a neighbor still dropped a dime on Sam to tell them that he was keeping a miniature pony — his pride and joy — in violation of city rules. The city moved against Spiteri until the outcry forced them to back down.

The neighbor complained about the smell coming from the property — though the Spiteri home also borders a cattle farm.

Previously, the family was told to get rid of the pony because of a zoning rule against home livestock. It appears that you can have cattle, just not a pony for a disabled kid.

I would love to know who led this crusade to take away the pony. Perhaps Governor Rod Blagojevich was seeking some green.

It is rather disturbing that it takes an international media outcry (including a web campaign) to get city leaders to do the right thing in such a case after months of worrying this family.

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5 thoughts on “Town Moves to Take Away Disabled Kids’ Pony — Then Backs Down”

  1. kate must be a pseudonym.

    No (sane) woman would ever say that in the context of a pet for a disabled CHILD.

    This points out a tactic of the Neocons. They try to tangentially equate the crimes they commit to what is essentially a harmless and victimless crime in an attempt to discredit anyone who would want to call them out for treason, fraud and war crimes. A disabled kid getting to keep his pony and skating on crimes against the Constitution are NOT EQUIVALENT. For one thing, the pony is a misdemeanor and your boys are all unindicted felons to be certain. For another, it shows not only a disproportionate self-worth to begrudge a disabled child a pet, it shows that you have no interest in justice and no sense of proportion in general whatsoever. The false equivalent ploy will not work any better than any of your other attempts at misdirection, “kate”. So take your family values your lot crows so loudly about and stuff them up your own hypocrisy, honey.

    No amount of distraction will make the issues of the Bush Co. crimes fade away quietly. Every effort you make to cover for them fails. Enjoy being behind the villains of history, tokyo kate.

    And the kid gets to keep the pony, so 😛 loser.

  2. The back story on this outrage is revealed in an accompanying article. The genesis of the complaint, according to the child’s mom, is:”“[w]e already had problems with the neighbour [sic] harassing us throughout the summer about bonfires on our property,’’ said Ms. Spiteri. ‘‘We thought ‘Oh, they’ve been told they can’t complain about that, so this is the new avenue they’re taking’.”

    Just another proof in the long history of mean-spiritedness visited upon others in defense of some cubic yards of dirt and vegetation.

    Oh and Kate one has to wonder why such a thick-skulled neo-con as yourself bothers to even comment on a site that you say is run by such a disagreeable person. I suggest a course of psychology might aid your rather unlettered take on things; one that I won’t trouble myself to correct here. Ask the teacher about the concept of projection bias.

  3. The law is the law. Funny how liberals only want laws to be applied against anybody THEY consider outside the law.

    Jonathan Turley is the bigges two faced hypocrite in town.

  4. They live next door to a cattle farm, but the smell must be from that one pony! If I didn’t read the story I would have guessed that the complaining neighbor was named Blogojevich. What arrogance. At least the public had the sense to object to the removal of the pony.

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