Shoe Bomber: Bush Attacked in Green Zone by Reporter

3034-4034-t225px-george-w-bushIn a bizarre moment, President George Bushes surprise visit to the Green Zone was met with an even more surprising shoe attack from an Iraqi journalist, TV reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi . As shown on this video, the President proved pretty nimble in dodging the shoes (dodging congressional subpoenas may have been good training).

The reporter yelled “This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is the farewell kiss, you dog.” And Bush thought MSNBC was a rough forum. Al-Zaidi is now being hailed as a hero by Iraqis.

The reporter threw both shoes and almost hit Bush who proved he was no loafer or loafee. After the attack, Bush remarked: “That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know.” To his credit, Bush waved off the Secret Service to avoid a nasty confrontation. Al-Zaidi remains in detention, however, accused by the Iraqi government of a “barbaric act.”

What Al-Zaidi needs to understand is that shoes can be put to a better use at soles4souls. Indeed, he may want to claim that as a defense — his effort was to donate shoes to Americans in this economic crisis with little money (given Bush spending a billion dollars a day on the occupation).

The Justice Department prompted announced that all shoe salespeople would be rounded up and questioned as “material witnesses.” OK, I made that last part up. However, it does prove Bush correct when he has referred to terrorist elements as “soleless”

For the full story and pictures, click here and here.

67 thoughts on “Shoe Bomber: Bush Attacked in Green Zone by Reporter”

  1. Former Federal LEO
    1, December 14, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    “Now if you can just work on your politics…!”

    We’ll have to ask for your patience on that one as we’re still working on yours.

  2. Former Federal LEO
    1, December 14, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    “Liberals are so far beyond us conservatives regarding senses of humor.”

    Oh, I don’t know about all that,…you guys have had quite a clown act going on in the Oval Office for almost 8 years now.

  3. I got a laugh off of this article. If only the video was on you tube. People could have parties and put the video on a loop. Now that is what you call good entertainment.

  4. NPR reported that when this journalist threw his second show he said something to this effect: “this is for all the Iraqi women and children you killed”. It’s just like Bush to respond:

    “So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?” Bush told a reporter in response to a question about the incident.

    “Let me talk about the guy throwing his shoe. It’s one way to gain attention.”

    I’m sure he thinks it’s all a joke, just like the WMDs. I wish our journalists had this kind of courage. They wouldn’t have to throw their shoes but they could ask tough questions.

  5. “…must offer one mild correction. It was not simple assault but assault on the simple. Dadadum!”

    Great one-upmanship mespo. However, are the legal consequences for ‘simple assault’ the same as for ‘assault on simple’…only a lawyer would know! (kinda like Fee Simple and simple fee)

    I do play some fiddle (steerage term for violin) but my one-liners and violinist accomplishments fall markedly below those of the great H.Y.

    The main reason I access this blawg—other than for trying to learn and interpret the legalese of life—is the quick wittiness of Professor T. His titles/subtitles of the days’ events and then the subsequent follow-ups by you and others here often make my day. At this site, I am easily angered at the unjustness of our legal system while concurrently releasing belly laughs at the wit and many of the humorous replies. Liberals are so far beyond us conservatives regarding senses of humor. Now if you can just work on your politics…!

  6. Well I’m not sure why he ducked, considering he’s always indicated his goal in life was to be well heeled.

    But I must admit I never figured him for an Oxford man.

  7. I saw the video of that attack by the latest in shoe weaponry. GWB did a good job in ducking the shoes, but the attacker must have forgotten to initiate the laser guided delivery system before letting it fly!

  8. FFLeo:

    You’re the Henny Youngman of our day. I must offer one mild correction. It was not simple assault but assault on the simple. Dadadum!

  9. Have to give Pres. Bush his props for dodging the incoming. That was talent. His “size 10” quip, for me, is the highlight of his eight years in office. If only he could have applied his physical and quippy talents for good, we’d all be in a far better place today. Another opportunity lost, Mr. Bush. You coulda been a contender.

  10. Too bad there was no target tracking device.

    Shoes make a great ‘THWACK’ sound when they land without
    doing any real damage, except possibly to the ego
    -especially ‘sneakers’!

  11. mespo<

    Legally, is this considered simple assault? Or worse, given that this was a “president”

    Those shoes were as close to having a “sole” as Bush ever came close to having (I pledge, no more of that!)

    Well, just 1 more: Bush deserved no more than penny loafers and not Wingtips!

  12. Waynebro:

    Now I see. It’s like ET returning home. Heels instinctively returning to their own kind. I like it as a defense strategy to the crime. Irresistible impulse to return to one’s own kind–like the salmon, or swallows. I might be able to sell that!

  13. The man who threw the shoes, apparently a journalist, shouted an Arabic phrase, which reportedly translated as, “This is a farewell kiss, dog,” The New York Times (NYSE:NYT) reported Sunday.


    Damn creative I say. Wonder if a custom like that would catch on here. Impeachment or shoe firing squad? It has possibilities for Constitutional inclusion.

  14. Well Bush has always been sort of a heel but he’s lucky that reporter didn’t have a sharper tongue.

  15. JT:

    Please convince me the shot of those spats did not depict shoes in your closet. I hesitate to bring up the Bond dinner jacket episode but I will. I promise I will!

  16. FFLeo:

    You should have seen Bush bob and weave!! It would’ve made Tyson proud. Later he was heard to say that he considered the footwear contributions to the new Presidential library in College Station.

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