Shoe Bomber: Bush Attacked in Green Zone by Reporter

3034-4034-t225px-george-w-bushIn a bizarre moment, President George Bushes surprise visit to the Green Zone was met with an even more surprising shoe attack from an Iraqi journalist, TV reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi . As shown on this video, the President proved pretty nimble in dodging the shoes (dodging congressional subpoenas may have been good training).

The reporter yelled “This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is the farewell kiss, you dog.” And Bush thought MSNBC was a rough forum. Al-Zaidi is now being hailed as a hero by Iraqis.

The reporter threw both shoes and almost hit Bush who proved he was no loafer or loafee. After the attack, Bush remarked: “That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know.” To his credit, Bush waved off the Secret Service to avoid a nasty confrontation. Al-Zaidi remains in detention, however, accused by the Iraqi government of a “barbaric act.”

What Al-Zaidi needs to understand is that shoes can be put to a better use at soles4souls. Indeed, he may want to claim that as a defense — his effort was to donate shoes to Americans in this economic crisis with little money (given Bush spending a billion dollars a day on the occupation).

The Justice Department prompted announced that all shoe salespeople would be rounded up and questioned as “material witnesses.” OK, I made that last part up. However, it does prove Bush correct when he has referred to terrorist elements as “soleless”

For the full story and pictures, click here and here.

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  1. by the way, he is not referred to as the “commander in chief” in North Korea. He is the “dear leader”, who trains his country to HATE THE US and everyone in it.

  2. You try to get a hundred yards in front of Pyongyang without a communist escort, lets see how far you get before you get arrested or shot.

  3. I would take a church going republican than a democrat that makes laws against the church and against religion and then has the nerve to go and ask for communion, anyday.

  4. A President receiving sexual favors in Office (a Democrat), Im sorry, it “wasnt sexual relations”.

  5. You had all better wake up or the oppression will hit here…Sorry it already has…and it will get worse.

  6. I am a Gulf War Veteran and he and any president will always be considered a commander in chief during wartime. So we in this world should have genocide, starvation (of which my family members are obviously doing – and dying in N. Korea). Without anyone trying to resolve that. By the way, find me one Desert Storm vet that didnt want to go back and kill him. Oops, I forgot, you don’t have the guts to pick up a weapon and help the military out in this country against all enemies “foreign and domestic”. Last time I checked, Saddam was giving suicide bomber families $25K for their sons and daughters blowing themselve up in Israel and Palestine. When you have the “time” and “energy” to use it to the greater good of this country, then talk to me.

    From WIKI:

    “A commander-in-chief is the commander of a nation’s military forces or significant element of those forces. In the latter case, the force element may be defined as those forces within a particular region or those forces which are associated by function. As a practical term it refers to the military competencies that reside in a nation-state’s executive, head of state or government. Often, a given country’s commander-in-chief need not be or have been a commissioned officer or even a veteran, and it is by this legal statute that civilian control of the military is realized in states where it is constitutionally required.

    The term “commander-in-chief” derives from the Latin imperator. Imperatores (commanders-in-chief) of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire possessed imperium (command) powers. In its modern usage, the term was first used by King Charles of England in 1639. A nation’s head of state usually holds the position of national commander-in-chief, even if effective executive power is held by a separate head of government. Colonial governors are also often appointed commander-in-chief of the military forces in their colonies. Examples are Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces North, or Commander-in-Chief East Atlantic.

    Commanders-in-Chief is sometimes referred to as Supreme Commander, which is sometimes used as a specific term. The term is also used for military officers who hold such power and authority, not always through dictatorship, and as a subordinate (usually) to a head of state. The term is also used for officers that hold authority over individual branches or within a theatre of operations[1]

    Within NATO and the European Union, the term Chief of Defence (CHOD) is usually used as a generic term for the highest military commanders of the NATO and EU member states, irrespective of their actual title.”

  7. You see, JP, the one you call “Commander in Chief” has shown utter disrespect for us. I always thought that resepct, much like loyalty, it’s a two way street.

    And as for your Mom, aren’t you thankful that liberal mentalities prevailed to allow a refugee like your mom to immigrate. Perhaps you’ve noticed the xenophobes (Lou Dobbs come to mind) who are now rationalizing that we went into Iraq to “free” those people, but who at the time refused those who helped us there to immigrate here. Well I remember very well that we went there on manufactured fears of nuclear weapons. That country’s well-being was a clever afterthought to justify an illegal war since no one in this Administration really cares about oppressed people. If so, you would be marching on Pyongyang right now.

    One of the things I bet your Mom would tell you if you bothered to ask, is that oppression occurs when citizens are obsequious slaves to the will of the “Commander in Chief.” To that extent you seem to be a fine candidate.

    Oh and by the way, we have no “Commander in Chief” in this Country. We call our leader a “President.” The only “Commander in Chief” I know is one who only enjoys that Constitutional role with respect to the Army & Navy, and I am a member of neither.

  8. You all joke, laugh, etc…However, the one thing YOU ALL dismiss is that this was an oppressed country at the outset. You all have no idea what oppression is as you are all spoiled baby boomer generation children. My Mom is from North Korea. Her language should have been “Korean” right? Wrong. She knows how to speak japanese as when the japanese invaded Korea, they all had to speak japanese or be severly beaten. She then had to learn to Speak Chinese and Russian or her or her family members would be tortured or killed. She then went to sleep over one of her friends houses when she was 12 (with her sister). She had not seen her three brothers or two parents since then as she had to escape to south korea via boat. She to this day, will not even tell her children what she saw. She is now 70. We rid a country of this type of oppression and you all joke. Good for you all. I am proud of you. You all should be thankful of what you have instead of using it to criticize situations you could not even fathom of being in.

  9. I implore any of you to hurl a shoe at someone…hurl one at a cop…See what that gets you….Idiots.

  10. Hmmm…the last time I checked attacking someone with a shoe is considerd assault with a lethal weapon in the United States. He is lucky that it wasnt in the US. This is no joking matter people. It shows utter disrespect for a commander in chief during wartime.


    Talk about getting “Kicked out of office”! 😉


    *passes out* :0

  12. Thanks waynebro, but if rafflaw is correct, then I would be quickly written out of the cyber Cheers.


    I never watched Cheers but as a youngster my similar favorite was The Jackie Gleason Show with Jackie as Joe the Bartender and one of my favorite persons, the comedian and excellent singer Crazy Guggenheim (Frank Fontaine).

    Frank sang the great 40s & 50s songs and my 2 favorites were ‘Love Letters in the Sand’ and ‘When I Grow Too Old to Dream’. His voice was fabulous and belied his goofy comedic act.

    Set ‘em Joe!

  13. ooops..forgot about that teensy detail. My bad.

    Well we can either be the “early years” or he can be Nick, Carla’s ex.

    Either that or the guy who ran the competing bar that they were always trying to outsmart. Of course,.. they never really did outsmart that guy…

  14. Well I don’t want to be Cliff Claven. Besides, he’s a republican. I’ll be Woody.

    Hey FFLeo, if most conservatives were like you, we wouldn’t be in the messes we’re in now. Perhaps you could start rubbing off on some of your counterparts and we’ll all meet somewhere in the middle?

    At Cheers of course.

    You can be Coach.

  15. FFLeo:

    I remember Peter Ustinov saying on the Dick Cavett show that “comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.” Maybe that’s why you like this zany cast of characters overseen by our proprietor JT. He’s sort of our Sam the bartender,and we get to pass in here every now and again to see how the neighborhood feels about things. It’s a cyber-Cheers!

  16. FormerFed,
    At least the Liberals haven’t had any shoes thown at us recently. We had to have a sense of humor because of the abuses over these last 8 years. Without a sense of humor, we would have gone nuts.

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