Air Conditioned Beach: Dubai Set to Open First Beach with Refrigerated Sand

article-1094797-02cf03e1000005dc-454_468x238The Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai is about to open the world’s first beach with refrigerated sand so that well-heeled clients do not have to walk on hot sand while bathing. Dubai is already on the most hated list for environmentalists for its flagrant disregard of environmental concerns. The only thing missing from these massive carbon footprint is a lotion applicator made of endangered ferrets that can be rubbed on the backs of guests.

The hotel itself will open in 2010 with an open air cooled swimming pool to maximize the carbon footprint — roughly the size of a small planet.

Every person in Dubai has a carbon footprint of more than 44 tons of CO2 a year.

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13 thoughts on “Air Conditioned Beach: Dubai Set to Open First Beach with Refrigerated Sand”

  1. Jill,
    It looks like I am having some problems with my comments showing up on different threads, just as Waynebro has reported. If removing the cold sand would warm it up here, I am all for it. This zero degree weather in mid December is nuts.

  2. Everytime I come in I see my comments under a different thread than they are actually in. Then when I click on one it just goes to an error message. If I refresh the page then it seems to work. Somethings weird going on.

  3. Jill,
    The trolls are out in force tonight. As to the refrigerated sand story, here in Chicago we have plenty of “natural” refrigerated sand available for the hotel in Dubai. I am sure that Mayor Daley will swing them a good deal!

  4. There are comments under the cigarette entry. The blog was attacked at that section and still shows no comments, when there are several.

  5. “What’s next-heated igloos?”

    Didn’t Abbot & Costello sing a song called “Hot Time In The Igloo Tonight?”

  6. “What’s next-heated igloos?”


    Ha! That is one way to get “raindrop keep fallin’ on my head” and fresh water too!

  7. This was interesting. I typed in a question about Big Pharma under the cigarette entry and the blog got hit with an attack. Even now it says there are no comments on that entry and when I tried to post this comment there, it said comments were shut down for this section. Good, it means Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are nervous!

  8. Finally! A beach that caters to my needs. I have been complaining about this to those that own hotels in Panama, but no one has listened!

    That hot sand was just getting out of control! I actually had to wear flip flops on the beach! And the sand kept getting in them!

    Okay, in all seriousness, that is just a complete waste of money and time. One should always wear some type of shoes on the beach, you never know what you may step on!

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