Appreciating Valentines: Georgia Judge and Police Officers to be Re-Trained After Muslim Woman Jailed for Refusing to Remove Scarf

image_8086106It appears that neither judges nor police officers in Douglasville, Georgia have heard of the use of a scarf for religious purposes or, more likely, didn’t care about the religious practice. Lisa Valentine was arrested after she was ordered to remove the scarf, or hijab. Valentine, who goes by the Muslim name Miedah, refused and tried to leave the courthouse when she was barred by officers who took her to appear before Judge Keith Rollins who appears to have a little judgment as training as a jurist. He jailed her for 10 days.

Valentine admits to using foul language when ordered to remove the scarf, which only covers her hair. She was handcuffed and led to Rollins. She was forced to take a mugshot without her scarf.

Douglasville authorities admit that she did not fight with deputies, but insist that “Mrs. Valentine resisted the officer’s efforts by stiffening her arm, but did not physically fight with the officer.” Wow, she stiffened her arm while being pulled and cuffed?

There are certain actions that are not matters for “re-training.” This shows appalling judgment by these officers and most importantly by Judge Rollins. Even if retraining can instill a modicum of respect and restraint in the officers, Rollins’ actions reveal a serious problem in performing the role of a jurist.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating Valentines: Georgia Judge and Police Officers to be Re-Trained After Muslim Woman Jailed for Refusing to Remove Scarf”

  1. They should have been more respectful to her religious beliefs.

    Aren’t hats or other head coverings prohibited in many courthouses?
    The woman doesn’t look like she’s a member of any gang or anything of that sort!!

    Common sense should be used in such instances.

    I do think it’s silly to relate hats and other head coverings to gangs. I’m sure they’ve got other means of showing what “gang” they may belong to by now!!

    I cannot believe that because she “stiffened” her arm, she was arrested!! My 3 yr old does that if I pull her away from something quickly. I think it’s just a normal reaction. Yet another waste of tax dollars

  2. JT:
    An interesting comment on the Douglasville web site you mentioned. In extolling its many virtues, the site advises us that the town is:

    “… where Atlanta keeps its charm. A rich and diverse community, Douglasville is a great place to live, work, and play.”

    Charming and diverse? How refreshing!

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