Naughty List: California Man Arrested for Flashing Gang Symbols on Santa’s Lap

99237No Noel for Uriel.

Uriel Oliva, 18, was arrested early has been arrested for a curious probation violation: flashing gang symbols while sitting on Santa’s lap. The picture was spotted by his probation officer on a keychain during a probation check. It is unclear if St. Nick is an unindicted co-conspirator, but Oliva is charged with three misdemeanor counts for violating court orders.

Oliva decided to show his gang spirit while at the Village Mall in Orange. He was under a court order not to associate with members of his street gang, engage in gang activity or hang out at the Village Mall. It turns out that his probation officer was checking his list twice when he spotted the photo.

It will depend on the specificity of the court order, but the visit to Santa may cost Oliva 18 months — which would at least put him beyond the next Christmas and any temptation to repeat his seasonal greeting. (Next year I hear he plans to just send a card reading “Have a Merry Christmas or Santa goin’ to grab in Nine and pop a cap in your head . . . from Uriel.”

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3 thoughts on “Naughty List: California Man Arrested for Flashing Gang Symbols on Santa’s Lap”

  1. In fact its been reported that Santa even employs some of these misfits.

    And they’re rumored to be a bad bunch. One of them they call “the Dentist”, apparently due to his tendency to pull the teeth of his victims using an extremely large pair of pliars that he carries with him in his back pocket.

  2. I’m surprised at this arrest considering Rudolph himself has been known for hanging out with assorted misfits.

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