Pastorius Elementary: Boy and Girl Caught Having Sex in Stairwell So School Suspends the Boy

thumb_scales_of_justiceThere are objections being raised on how school officials have responded to the discovery of a young boy and girl having sex in a stairwell at Francis Pastorius Elementary School in Philadelphia before Thanksgiving: the boy, Walter Goss (13), was expelled but the girl was allowed to continue at the school.

Fernando Gallard, the district’s director of media relations, will only say that

“Pastorius Elementary School is actively investigating an incident involving inappropriate sexual contact between students at an afterschool program at the school. All students involved in the incident will face disciplinary action in accordance to the district’s Code of Student Conduct. The disciplinary process is executed relative to each student’s case history and background and in accordance with the law. Due to students’ privacy rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the district cannot provide further details on this incident.”

It has been alleged that Pastorius — with kids from kindergarten through eighth grade — is the virtual Sodom and Gomorrah of the elementary set. The mother insists that a school employee “told her that sexual activity is so rampant among some students that girls have been found with sexual contracts stipulating to whom they wanted to lose their virginity.”

There have been complaints in the past of how boys are routinely punished and even criminally charged for statutory rape while their consensual partners are treated as victims. If they are both minors, the disparate treatment does raise some troubling questions.

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22 thoughts on “Pastorius Elementary: Boy and Girl Caught Having Sex in Stairwell So School Suspends the Boy

  1. We end up “manufacturing” sex offenders just because of hormones! This minor (usually a 15 year old boy) is tarred for ever with a criminal record and thanks to laws on the books, gets treated like a serial rapist. Turning 18 he wont be able to find a job and will have to register as a sex offender to live in a community. That community is going to throw him out and in frustration and desperation, he will commit a minor offense. This will be blown up so that he gets maximum punishment. He goes to prison and gets abused by the really violent types and comes out scarred, all to repeat the cycle. Tax payers fund this over and over. Not that unlikely as I have known of a few cases. JT could enlighten us more.

  2. The girl is 8 years old, for crissakes. The disparity in ages is significant. At that age, five years is a monumental difference. This is rape.

  3. The article said the boy is 13 and the girl is an eighth grader, not eight! I was reeling when I read the comment saying she was eight!

    Not sure what to make of the difference in discipline, but I would be raising the roof, regardless of gender!

    Troubling that the school has classes from Kindergarten to eighth grade in the same building, especially with such a lack of supervision. . .

  4. Well the world is coming to an end in those days boys will reach 17 – 18 before matuarity, but now by 10 – 12 they can musturbate, while a girl of 9 can enjoy sex. It can only be serrious case if the boy is much older, but if thier ages are close is not very bad.

  5. This case is more serious than just “hormones”. There is a serious problem going on if kids are going so far as to have sex in school and write virginity-loss contracts. Where was the adult supervision here? It is extremely disappointing that this is happening in the world today.

  6. Well kids are going to find a way to do what they want to do anyway. But if the boy was punished in the crime then the girl should be punished also. As for security in the school , kids are goin to do what they want to do reguardless! Meaning it could had been about 100 security guards and the kids would had still found a way to come in contact with eachother and have sex…

  7. its not rape if she knew what she was doing and its really not fair that only the girl was allowed to continue attending the school but the boy wasnt.. personally, i think its the parents fault.

  8. I went to this school in 49 and 50 before transferring over to Immaculate Conception across the street. The school I remember was 100% human at the time, but it sits in the middle of Darkest Africa now so one shouldn’t be surprised about statements regarding sexual attacks. It is in the nature of the Beast.

  9. hi i personaly am a 4th grader really!!!! and im into this girl in my class but dont know if she likes me is it right i feel a tingling feeling down there u know when i pass her

  10. This is crazy. The sad part about this is that i have two children that goes to this school and as many problems as ive had with them and this school and all the complaints against the school the school board won’t let me take my children out this school unless i move. So i can only imagine what my children are being exposed to. I cant let this go on something has to change.

  11. Our Generation learned about Sex when we got married, I don’t understand what is wrong with the new generation, they are very clever and fast at picking up things.

  12. i went to this school from kinergarden and fifth grade. When I leave they got higer grades. i feel that kids should wait to have sex. I am nineteen now. I think that the kids having sex at nine and teen or in eighth grade is not good. They don’t know how to take care of babies. They are not thinking about having babies. They don’t care about what might happen if they get pregnant.

  13. I’m 13 and I started when I was mayb 12 and a half so I don’t really see a problem in teenage sex as long as your using condoms now sure they were doing it in school but maybe they had no place to go outside of school.

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