Pastorius Elementary: Boy and Girl Caught Having Sex in Stairwell So School Suspends the Boy

thumb_scales_of_justiceThere are objections being raised on how school officials have responded to the discovery of a young boy and girl having sex in a stairwell at Francis Pastorius Elementary School in Philadelphia before Thanksgiving: the boy, Walter Goss (13), was expelled but the girl was allowed to continue at the school.

Fernando Gallard, the district’s director of media relations, will only say that

“Pastorius Elementary School is actively investigating an incident involving inappropriate sexual contact between students at an afterschool program at the school. All students involved in the incident will face disciplinary action in accordance to the district’s Code of Student Conduct. The disciplinary process is executed relative to each student’s case history and background and in accordance with the law. Due to students’ privacy rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the district cannot provide further details on this incident.”

It has been alleged that Pastorius — with kids from kindergarten through eighth grade — is the virtual Sodom and Gomorrah of the elementary set. The mother insists that a school employee “told her that sexual activity is so rampant among some students that girls have been found with sexual contracts stipulating to whom they wanted to lose their virginity.”

There have been complaints in the past of how boys are routinely punished and even criminally charged for statutory rape while their consensual partners are treated as victims. If they are both minors, the disparate treatment does raise some troubling questions.

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  1. I’m 13 and I started when I was mayb 12 and a half so I don’t really see a problem in teenage sex as long as your using condoms now sure they were doing it in school but maybe they had no place to go outside of school.

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