Facing the Music: Man Tasered Twice After Failing to Turn Down Music on Christmas Morning

story-11A Syracuse man was tasered twice after he failed to turn down his music Christmas morning. Michael Prince, 23, was told at 2 am to turn down the music and was being given a ticket when police say that he tried to run away.

Of course, running away from one’s own apartment while surrounded by police is a bit odd, but police now say that he resisted their efforts to hold him to ticket him. He has been charged with both loud music and resisting arrest.

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4 thoughts on “Facing the Music: Man Tasered Twice After Failing to Turn Down Music on Christmas Morning”

  1. I found a hard copy of Carl Castle’s “report”: “…officers are making better use of Taser stun guns…that keep them a safe distnace from violent offenders” (Toledo Blade).

    This is a piece of propaganda. It mixes a very good thing, the decline in the number of police officers killed in 2008, with a completely false picture of the use of Tasers. Putting one with the other, obscures the lie on how tasers are actually used ie: not only at a distance, and not only on violent offenders. The propganda is successfully inserted without a peep of examination–Mission Accomplished Taser International!

    Of course the “press” simply reports what it’s given, no anaylsis. It’s all good.

  2. On NPR/ISN this A.M. Carl Castle was waxing elequent of the virtues of tasers. He spoke of how police training was getting more professional and lethality (for police) was down as they used tasers at a distance from the suspect, thus obviating the need to get close to a suspect where the police may be harmed. Yes, indeed, tasers are just chock full of goodness.

    Our “news” is simply bizarre and this segment was surrealistic. Take your soma everyone!

  3. That was his own ignorance. He had no reason to run off. And by doing so, he gave them reason to believe he was up to no good.

    This is a case where tasering was needed. He needed a little shock back to reality. You don’t ever, ever run from the cops; you’ll only make things much worse for yourself

    He could have acted like an adult and kept the music down at 2 am. He also could have accepted his ticket like an adult.

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