“Tough-On-Crime” Legislator Pleads Guilty to

01people-ortloffFormer GOP state Assemblyman George C. ”Chris” Ortloff pleaded guilty in federal court this week to a felony charge stemming from his attempt to have sex with two sisters, ages 11 and 12. A former member of the state Parole Board, Ortloff, 61, now faces a minimum 10-year prison sentence and a maximum of life in prison. He was a staunch “tough-on-crime” legislator who called for severe sentences for sex offenders.

Under his plea, he admits to a single count of online enticement of minors. Prosecutors will recommend a reduced sentence. However, the court is not bound to follow such a recommendation.

Ortloff was arrested at a motel where he went expecting to have sex with two minors — part of a police sting. His discussed having sex with the girls with their “mother,” including specific sex acts that he wanted to perform. He was arrested with two vibrators, ”one for each minor,” along with lubricant and condoms. It is hardly a surprise that he took a plea under such circumstances, but it is curious why the prosecutors would want to give him one.

Ortloff, 61, of Plattsburgh, was appointed to the board in 2006 by Gov. George Pataki. His plea will now help him avoid some of those severe sentences that he advocates as a legislator. However, his will be in jail for a considerable length of time.

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17 thoughts on ““Tough-On-Crime” Legislator Pleads Guilty to”

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  2. Sally 1, December 17, 2008 at 10:00 am

    “Of course they were expressing their opinions and I don’t see a DAMN thing wrong with it. The man [Muntadar al-Zaidi] deserved the ass kicking”.

    For tossing a shoe.

  3. Of course, you also thought the guy who threw his shoe at Bush deserved to be beaten, so your morality is pretty well established in the latter definition.

  4. Sally 1, December 29, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    “Part of the reason pedophiles can be so reviled is that some inmates are parents themselves.

    Prisons are not intended to be pleasant places, and most people will agree that pedophiles have earned their spot on the bottom rung of that ladder”

    Having worked in corrections I don’t need you to tell me what prisons are like, nor what they are supposed to be like.

    Nor do I need you to tell me why pedophiles are reviled.

    Everyone reviles pedophiles.

    Some however choose to climb on their dung heap and crow a little louder than the other cocks about it, probably to cover up some flaw in their own character.

    The question every American however needs to ask themselves, is are we going to be a humane, decent, honorable society?

    Or are we going to be pieces of sh$t, like the banana republics, or the fundamentalist Islamic societies who punish with brutality and murder in their dungeons. You know, the ones we’re currently fighting against.

    Being humane means being humane to the inhuman.

  5. Jill,
    I agree that Ortloff should have asked for the maximum sentence. I also agree with you that we should not allow rape or beastings in prison for any reason. To think otherwise is the same thinking that allows or approves of torture of our prisoners from the so-called war on terrorism.

  6. Sally,

    To my way of thinking there is both a moral and a practical reason to oppose the mistreatment of prisoners. The practical reason is this: unless a prisoner is going to be jailed for life, that person will return to the general population. Having been brutalized by fellow inmates will make that person more likely to reoffend, not less. This is exactly the same as torture. When the US tortures prisoners, be they innocent or guilty we end up creating about 20 more people ready to kill and die for holy war against US soldiers.

    The enlightened part of the military recognizes this and now trains our people not to seek a blood bath of revenge even when they’ve just seen the buddy they love blown to bits. They teach our soldiers to hold fast to justice and not go crazy with rage. They do this so the killing and violence will go down instead of up. It takes a lot of training and courage to do this but our people are doing it. Our think this is the way we civilians need to train our own minds. Raping a child is a horrific thing to do. We need to use every tool available to keep children safe. A brutilized prisoner will be much more unsafe to children.

  7. Part of the reason pedophiles can be so reviled is that some inmates are parents themselves.

    Prisons are not intended to be pleasant places, and most people will agree that pedophiles have earned their spot on the bottom rung of that ladder.

  8. Part of being a humane society is being humane to the inhuman.

    It’s not enough to just “say” the US is a great country.

    We also have to act like one.

  9. Sally 1, December 29, 2008 at 8:33 am

    “That’s alright. He’ll get his butt kicked in prison. Perverts like him often do. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.”

    Wrong Sally. “Butt kicked” is a term used by 6th graders when congregating in the parking lot after class.

    In prison this guy will likely be killed which is why he will most likely be confined to solitary confinement under the guise of ‘protective custody’ which of course was ruled a long time ago “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    Prison is not where people get their “butts kicked”. In prison they gang rape, main, mutilate and murder. If you think that’s how a country should deal with its prison population, even with its worst offenders, then perhaps you should move to a country where such treatment is acceptable. Like Iran.

  10. You’re right Sally. My mistake and I’m sorry for getting that wrong.

    I don’t think he should get his butt kicked in either for the same reason as I don’t think he should get raped.

  11. rafflaw,

    If “Ortie” was a man of principle he would have demanded the maximum sentence for himself!


    You are correct to point out the stupidity and hypocrisy of our laws on homosexuality.


    I know we won’t agree on this but I don’t think people should be raped in prison, not even someone as awful as this man. If we want to stop violence we have to stop being violent. There isn’t another way.

  12. That’s alright. He’ll get his butt kicked in prison. Perverts like him often do. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  13. What happened to his “tough on crime” philosophy? The judge should refuse the plea arrangement and put this guy away for a long time. As a former member of the Parole Board, this guy understands the result if you try to solicit children for sex. “If you do the crime you do the time” is probably something this pervert has said in the past since he was a tough on crime guy. Now it is time for him to do the serious time.

  14. >Under his plea, he admits to a single count of online enticement of >minors. Prosecutors will recommend a reduced sentence.

    A “…reduced sentence”!!!??!!

    This pervert is apparently straight and therfore is permitted to marry and father or adopt children while a gay couple down the street in a long term, loving, monogamous, committed relationship cannot marry in most states including New York nor, in some, even adopt. But this heterosexual sexual predator can. Because why? Oh yeah, the Bible tells them so.

  15. Good to get shit like that off the streets 🙂
    althou I find the term “minor” to be a soft one for this case, since it could mean people of ages up to 18… and the minors in this case would clearly be children…

    oh an Turley, if you read this, then I just recently found your blog by coincidense and I wanted to say thank you. its a great site, and I like it wholehartedly.

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