The Mink Menace: Fur Defended as Act of Self-Defense

karl_lagerfeld180px-jumpingrabbitFashion and Chanel icon Karl Lagerfield has defended wearing fur as nothing more than “killing those beasts who would kill us if they could.” Finally, someone who is willing to tell the truth about those human hunting chinchillas and rabbits and their plan for world domination.

Lagerfeld, 75, insists that people do not think of all of those hunters who “make a living having learnt nothing else than hunting” and “killing those beasts who would kill us if they could.” I did not realize that those were all wild minks used in coats. Then there are the rabbits. People forget the rabbit caught on film by Monty Python. Then there is this trailer from The Night of the Lepus. If you have forgotten or block the memory, here is a video clip.

Next time you see a well-heeled lady in a rabbit fur coat, you should go up and thank her for protecting our species from living under the yoke of a race of super master rabbits or Chinchilla overlords.

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20 thoughts on “The Mink Menace: Fur Defended as Act of Self-Defense”

  1. Wow. This Lagerfeld fashion guy reminds me of what an elderly German porn star might look like. “Go On…Touch my monkey!!!” (“Oh wait, my monkey is dead, skinned, and wrapped around someone’s neck.”)

  2. s. 17 is an epic film. truly but bad 60 and 50’s sci-fi and horror like the old hammer films are really my “cup of tea”

    the hammer films with christopher lee are terrific and then there’s vincent price! oh, and the original dracula and frankenstein and have you ever seen the silent film of the cabinet of dr. caligari??? too good!

  3. sherry:

    “thanks. that movie proved that there is just no way to make bunnies look fierce.”


    That’s why I love that movie so much. It’s silliness is captivating!! Sort of like using Lassie or Benji as a guard dog in “Stalag 17,” another one of my favorites.

  4. Big Fella –

    That picture is just disturbing, although I think we’ve found our next ‘Bond Villain’. His murderous plot involves turning bunnies and people he deems too fat into fashion accessories …

  5. thanks. that movie proved that there is just no way to make bunnies look fierce.

    my all time 2 favorite bad movies:

    plan 9 and , the attack of the crab monsters but i do have a soft spot in my heart for godzilla! ; )

  6. sherry:

    A woman of taste and refinement with an eye for cinematic art –truly a diamond in the vast coalfield.

  7. I think the dark shades are Lagerfield’s signatory accessory, sort of like Zorro’s mask, or Tucker Carlson’s bow-tie before Jon Stewart reminded him that he was an adult and should dress accordingly …

  8. Well, if you made your living by year after year suckering the public in to buying your designs, not because the consumers needed the items, but needed to validate their self worth by always wearing the latest “designer fashions”, then you too, would be so arrogant as to think the public would buy any stupid, asinine pronouncement to leave your overpaid lips.

    Oh, and you would also be very comfortable allowing yourself to be photographed and seen by the hoi poloi [sp?] in your high class suaveness, wearing shades, indoors, in your evening clothes, knowing you are superior in every meaningful way to just regular folks.

  9. My neighborhood has been infested with blood thirsty rabbits since Old Mama Coyote got run over last spring. Luckily I have my loyal(ish) hounds for protection. I shudder to think what would happen to my family on our nightly walks without them.

  10. Mespo:

    I had entirely forgotten the rabbit attack on Carter. Case closed. Dress warm.

  11. karl should just wear that guy’s electric fence to keep himself safe from maurading hoards of rodents. He’s just demonstarted what can sucessfully contain such an ignorant and morally bankrupt mind– himself.

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