New York Lawyer Accused of Bigamy and Blocked From Evicting Ex-Wife

thumb_money_bag_greenKeeping with the developing matrimonial theme this morning, an odd case has emerged from New York involving personal injury lawyer Joseph Rosenzweig, who has been blocked by a court from foreclosing on a loan to his wife, Radiah Givens, due to bigamy. Justice Karla Moskowitz has ruled that there is a possible argument that the money was a gift.

Rosenzweig married Givens and then gave her money to obtain $285,000 in mortgages to buy a condominium in Greenwich Village. When they married in Jamaica, he did not reveal that he was already married and she had the marriage annulled. It is not clear why he has not be charged with bigamy in New York if these facts are true.

What is clear, according to the court, is that it is not clear under these circumstances whether the money was a true loan and gift. He gave Givens the $31,700 down payment for the condo and continued to pay her expenses. He later tried to have her evicted.

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One thought on “New York Lawyer Accused of Bigamy and Blocked From Evicting Ex-Wife”

  1. Hey that’s his own ignorance. Did he forget that he was married to another woman or something?

    He’s going to have a lot more money in this situation, once wife #1 files for divorce.

    What a moron

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