De Jesus: Court Divides Assets of the AntiChrist in Divorce

book_of_revelation026There is an interesting ruling in a divorce case out of Miami, Florida this week. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda has developed a certain fame or infamy by first declaring himself to be Jesus Christ and then proclaiming that he is the Antichrist. Dividing up the assets of the Antichrist would seem a daunting prospect, but Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Roberto Pineiro ruled that it is simple: the church is so closely linked to de Jesus that it should be included in the division of his personal property for the purposes of the divorce.

The court ruled that De Jesus’ Growing in Grace church was a personal business rather than a religious non-profit church and awarded Josefina de Jesus Torres $2.2 million in the divorce – including half the assets of her ex-husband and his church.

It is a rare ruling and could face a stiff challenge if the church is properly listed as a non-for-profit. Other churches like the Bob Jones congregation show almost blind loyalty to their leaders, but are still considered churches.

The family is facing some difficult times ahead. His daughter JoAnn De Jesus is facing contempt charges and the church faces eviction if they do not fork over the money by the end of the month. The result may come as a surprise to De Jesus who disappeared in August and was held in contempt for not paying $15,000 in monthly alimony. He was not present at his trial.

De Jesus has claimed that his teachings supplant the teachings of Jesus and the followers of the Antichrist often tattoo themselves with “666.” He has a worldwide following with reportedly 300 churches in 30 countries.

Not to be deterred, his followers insist that the divorce is just proof of his divinity — citing Luke 17:25: “first, He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.” Well, he can check that one off on his to-do list.

For the video of the Christ turned Antichrist, click here.
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8 thoughts on “De Jesus: Court Divides Assets of the AntiChrist in Divorce”

  1. fancy:

    The great rule of life is that beliefs have consequences, and foolish beliefs…well, you know the rest.

  2. Wow! I get that “De Jesus'” followers willingly gave their money, but I can’t help but feel sorry for how brainwashed they are.

    And if you think Bob Jones is bad, you should look into Pensacola Christian College and the “Campus Church”

  3. mespo,

    I saw that interview and it knocked my socks off! Thanks for finding it to see again.

  4. “De Jesus exploded into popularity – and controversy – in the past few years after he declared himself to be Christ. He later claimed that his teachings replaced those of Jesus and so he should be called the Antichrist.”

    Doesnt’ this make De Jesus the “Afterchrist”?
    “Many of his followers believe that De Jesus’ divorce court difficulties are further proof that he is Jesus’ Second Coming, quoting biblical prophecies of persecution such as Luke 17:25, which says “first, He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation….
    “These life events are further proof that Jose Luis De Jesus is the reincarnation of the same spirit that dwelled in Jesus of Nazareth,” said church member and spokesperson Axel Poessy”

    If this is the definition that proves one is christ there really are multiple christs running around the nation. I suggest a mass claim for religious exemptions be formed immediately as a strategy for economic recovery.

    “Torres was an ardent devotee of De Jesus when the pair began their relationship in 1999, which she said made her feel like “God himself had come to love me.”
    This is a classic “relationship” found in these types of scams. The leader actually presents him or herself as god on earth. This is why they are entitled to break all the rules of justice, decency and compassion towards those in their church/cult/scam.

    Finally, Mr. De Jesus’s claims are clearly false. Obama is the antichrist.

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