Mein Kake: Adolf Hitler Seized in New Jersey

thumb_birthday_birthday_cake_4hitlerA couple weeks ago, we followed the story of how a store refused to make a birthday cake for a three-year-old boy named Adolf Hitler Campbell due to his name. Now, the boy and his two sisters — JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell — have been taken from their parents in Holland Township, N.J., by the state’s Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). The father, Heath Campbell is expected to appear in court on Thursday in the case.

It is not clear why the children were removed. If it was just the names, a serious constitutional problem may be looming.

After the mein kake incident, experts like forensic psychologist N.G. Berrill said the naming of little Adolph is child abuse: “Part of it is the infantile nature of the parents’ behavior. You can name your dog something weird, but they think they’re making some kind of bold statement with the children, not appreciating that the children will have separate lives and will be looked at in a negative light until they’re able to change their name. It is abuse.”

In my view, that would be insufficient reason to justify such an act and would violate the constitutional rights of the family. Not only would this violate parental rights under the Constitution but violate the first amendment rights of the family. The city would need to show some dangerous conduct or conditions, which were notably not referenced in earlier articles describing the parents as good parents.

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28 thoughts on “Mein Kake: Adolf Hitler Seized in New Jersey”

  1. universe man:

    “Hitler was a fantastic leader outside the racism and no amount of white washing will change that.”


    And that performance of “Our American Cousin,” on April 14, 1865 was magnifique except for that nasty incident in President Lincoln’s box.

  2. Look at his “eyes”, even when he is fulminating his “eyes” are dead and lifeless, like a dolls eyes….

  3. Since the end of WWII, I bet this is the single most unpopular name in America. Maybe all of Europe…

  4. universe man:

    “Hitler was a fantastic leader” are you high on crack? He was a dictator, a tyrannt, a malicious force in the world yes, a fantastic leader I dont think so.

    By your logic then Dr. Mengele should have been given the Noble Prize for Medicine.

    I would like for you to tell me why you think Hitler was a fantastic leader?

  5. Right. So lets start banning the use of George. Or Richard. Or any other name related to someone who has caused harm to your silly world. Hitler was a fantastic leader outside the racism and no amount of white washing will change that. Hitler may have had stupid reasons for killing millions of people, but so did many kings over the years. So did.. (still, even) the American leaders. The idea that a name is a reason to stop these people from keeping their children is infantile and, as i said earlier, white-washing. I can haz extinction plox?

  6. in the country i was born in, the name Nguyen Anh Hung is a very meaningful name, my parents gaved that name to me at birth and raised me well, they taught me almost everything i need to know about life, even tho i used to be ashamed by that name while i was growing up in hawaii, im still glad it was them that raised me and not someone else, my parents cherished me from day one for all i can remember, and when ever something happened to me, they worry SICK so thats why im hardly ever in trouble, to keep them happy

    If someone were to take me, and my siblings away from my parents because of the name they gaved us, i would definitely grow up with hatred of the messed up world im in, but to be realistic, if i were to get taken away at such a young age for reasons i dont even know of, and once i find out of what that reason was, i would be pissed off to the max(especially if i didn’t like where/who/and how the fake-parents raise me) Fuck! seriously, what the fuck?!?!?! just thinking about taking someone’s else kids away for their names just keep pissing me off, im sorry, im trying to express what i think of this article in a calm way but i just cant hold the anger inside with the thoughts of being taken away from my parents at such a young age for reasons i didnt understand, if anything, the KIDs should decide when they grow up, who the fuck tells who they can or cant name their sons or daughters this and that?!?!?!? fucking messed up piece of shit!!!

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