Faux Veterinarian Arrested in Bizarre Cross-Dressing Case of Fraud

184-6607040standaloneprod_affiliate101507-bigtyce2aembeddedprod_affiliate101A New Jersey man is in custody on a bizarre case of practicing medicine without a license. Daniel C. Tyce, 26, was arrested for allegedly claiming to be Danielle Smith – a real licensed veterinarian. Tyce, an ex-convict, is accused of committing the fraud to pay for estrogen treatments and a sex change operation.

Tyce previously served time for credit card fraud. He used his new identity to run the South Jersey Small Animal Rescue, vaccinating animals. In this capacity, he prescribed medicines. He is now accused of selling animals to pay for the treatments and sex change operation.

His assistant is reportedly believed “to be fellow former South Woods inmate, registered sex offender and boyfriend Sam Smith.” They supposedly drove around in police-style uniforms with badges and claiming to investigate animal cruelty.

Danielle Smith appears to be an actual person who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

These cases are often charged criminally but can also be handled in tort, which the impersonator is held to the standard of a professional doctor. However, it is possible for an impersonator to satisfy that standard if a jury finds that he supplied a level of reasonable care.

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