God O Thunder: Former Head of Faith-Based Programs in Ohio Arrested on Prostitution Charges

mcfaddenroberteric011509Another representative of the faith-based political movement has been arrested on morals charges. Police have been looking for a man for years who solicited prostitutes on the Internet under the name “Sullivant Guy,” “Broad Street Guy,” “Toby” and “God O Thunder.” It turns out that “God O Thunder” is allegedly Robert Eric McFadden, who was the director of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

McFadden is accused of trading information about street hookers and online escort, including his personal recommendation of some prostitutes and ways to avoid arrest.

McFadden, 46, was charged with seven prostitution-related counts, including charges that he promoted a 17-year-old prostitute online.

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30 thoughts on “God O Thunder: Former Head of Faith-Based Programs in Ohio Arrested on Prostitution Charges”

  1. To those who point out that being Christian is not inconsistent with sinning, and receiving forgiveness, remember it is not the humanity that is being criticised in posts like these, but the HYPOCRISY. Faith based initiatives and theocrats seek to have churches given official authority to tell others how to live, through soft coercion of controlling social services or the more hardline authority of the Puritans or Taliban. The fallacy and delicious EPIC fail of these people is that they can’t live up to their own standards, what right do they have to tell others that a Buddhist’s or ethical atheist’s standards are wrong? That is why they should not have governmental control and should be MOCKED everytime they show themselves to be less perfect than the people they look down on from their superior churches. If they respected other people’s faith or ethics as EQUAL to their own, we’d take no joy in their too human failings, but they don’t respect other systems of belief (let alone variations of their own… Southern Baptists vs Catholics vs Mormons).

  2. But Rafflaw, you didn’t do anything wrong. See? Even holy torture doesn’t work. Holy spatula. Yikes!

  3. It’s a conspiracy!

    “GodOthunder” obviously stepped on the wrong toes, threatening to publicize information about the reptilian threat. For this, he was framed.

    There’s no other way to explain how such a fine, upstanding Christian gentleman could be involved in such a horrific sin.

  4. Indeed, we all sin, but when we do, we must suffer the consequences. For this man it means submitting himself to the will of the people as expressed through the judicial system. For many of the rest of us, it means submitting ourselves to punishment from a guy in Seattle who spanks men for money. May his mighty and terrible spatula of holy redemption cleanse our souls of the stain of sin.

  5. Mespo,
    Amen! “Me thinks they doth protest too much” is at least a paraphrase that works well here with the Religous Right and their groupie wannabees.

  6. rafflaw:

    “…God fearing Christians can be sinners. But must they be the biggest sinners of all?”


    Can I have that line? I want bumpers tickers and T-shirts now!! On the repressed religious I couldn’t agree more. It’s always the neighbor not invited to the party who becomes the protector of the neighborhood and calls the cops on you, usually with some sanctimonious line about “doing the right thing.” Same attitude, different issue.

  7. could be worse:

    Muslim With Ties to Hamas to Address Inaugural Prayer Service

    Reuters 1/18/09

    A Muslim religious leader with ties to the terrorist group Hamas is scheduled to address President Barack Obama’s inaugural prayer service on Wednesday.

    Given the recent hostilities in Israel surrounding Hamas, irrespective of a just-announced ceasefire, one has to wonder how much attention this matter will get from Obama-loving media which are also largely pro-Palestinian.

    Although Politico is getting credit for breaking this story, the American Thinker appears to have been the first to unveil the truth behind Ingrid Mattson Saturday.

  8. Professor… Talk me down. I don’t know how to feel about this.


    I believe in freedom of speech, but have always felt that funerals are off limits. And, of course I don’t care of the Westboro folks (and that’s putting it mildly). So, why is the ACLU dealing with them at all?

    The best part about the McFadden story is his pseudonym “God-o-Thunder”. What a putz.

  9. It’s been my theory for years, sadly backed up by hundreds of incidents by supposedly moral individuals exposed as hypocrites, that those who call loudest for sexual morality are those who feel the most need of self-restraint. The supposed sexual moralists of this world are usually hiding their own lack of same. They pay scant heed to the admonition “Judge not, lest you’ll be judged” and try to impose their beliefs on everyone else. Those are sadly the same folk who equate sexuality with major sin, while ignoring the real sins of this world which range from enforced economic inequality, to torture, genocide and murder in the name of private interest. They talk of God and morality, but they know it not.

  10. Lunatic and MSNBCer,
    There you guys(y?) go again. Please I’m trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon at home and you all keep breaking me up with your hilarious satire. Now you’re pretending to be actual right wing Christian’s and you do it so well. I know in my heart, however, you are probably real Christians who would never countenance the murder of innocent Iraqi’s and the deaths of our precious American Military in the name of the lies that brought us to war. I understand that in your heart(s) as religious people(person) you could never support the immorality that has taken place in the last eight years and the horror of the Bush Administration’s taking God’s name in vain. Therefore your ability to satirize those unknowing Christian’s who have committed blasphemy and sanctioned murder/torture by supporting George W. Bush, shows true comic genius at work.

  11. Yet another example of hypocrisy by the right wingers who think they can dictate the morals of everyone else’s life. I personally don’t care what people do as consenting adults–whether it’s paid for or whatever. But I am more than certain that Thor has condemned others for the exact behavior in which he has engaged. Pathetic. This is exactly why religion (not God, but religion) is such a horrible turn off right now.

  12. Mespo,
    Is it me or does it seem that the most openly religous Republican leaders throughout the country seemed to be the most sexually repressed? It is a wonder to me that these trolls who now seem to have religion, always want to say that even God fearing Christians can be sinners. But must they be the biggest sinners of all? And one more thing for Bishop msnbc’er, what part of Christ’s teachings suggests that it is proper to call someone a “tiny tiny person”? By the way, I don’t need religion to tell me that I am not perfect. I only have to remember my high school Geometry classes to remind me of that fact.

  13. msnbc’er:

    Well it’s certainly clear from your posts that you are the epitome of the song “We Shall Know They Are Christians By Their Love.” On that eternal love by an omniscient, omnipotent deity for all his creations stuff, how’s that square with that tsunami in Thailand, or Katrina here at home. I guess that was man’s doing too. You’re right, of course, I don’t know anything about that, and the sad but true part is that neither do you.

  14. Not to be flip, but what exactly is the crime here?

    My concern is that the media, at least, is making a big deal about the content of the website and that the owner is somehow criminally implicated by that. To me this is just another manifestation of the “it’s online so we can make it a crime!” To me the best analogy may be a bathroom ‘brag’ wall — when was the last time a business owner was arrested for what’s on his bathroom stall door?

    Don’t get me wrong — I accept that it’s a criminal act for him to be directly involved in the commission of a criminal act, e.g., by accepting payment from the john and passing it on to the hooker, perhaps after taking his own cut.

    But if he’s just hosting the content? There’s a federal law that says that web site owners can’t be held accountable for the content posted by others. It’s a really nasty problem once the owners start filtering content since they have more liability if they let stuff slip by than if they turn a blind eye towards content. I’m sure there are exceptions for solicitation for criminal acts — you don’t want a website offering the services of hitmen — but you can’t go down the road of “ah, but this is just a codeword for prostitution” without running into the problem of being responsible for deciding where that line is.

    Even the question of taking money for ads is problematic to me. It’s one thing if he takes money for an ad that he knows literally says “I’ll f*ck you for $150”. But what if he just offers a tiered service? Anyone can get a free account with limited access. Anyone can get a premium account with posting privileges for $20/month, and he doesn’t care about what you put up as long as it doesn’t violate the EULA prohibiting solicitation for criminal acts, and he has a simple script scan for unacceptable keywords. It’s easy to see that ‘f*ck’ is problematic, but ‘girlfriend’ could just be somebody asking advice on what to get her for her birthday.

  15. we seem to have a morning imbiber here objecting to someone pointing out the log in Torley’s eye.

    mespo, you just proved to anybody else wasting their time reading your post that you don’t have a clue about God, religion, sinning, forgiveness, and temptation.

    Understanding God’s eternal love for his creation means you have to understand that we are ALL so very far from perfect. So far from perfect that I don’t doubt that if given the choice at our deathbed that it be us or a convicted murderer in prison that lives, we would chose ourselves over the murderer even though in the eyes of our God we are equal when it comes to forgiveness for our sins.

    mespo you are a tiny tiny person.


    “Turley, why do you post this crap? Everybody that believes in GOD, and 85% of Americans do, KNOW they will sin no matter how much they try not to.”


    Should we also assume they’ll be hypocrites about it too? BTW where do I get a gig where I can be buddies with the creator of the universe, judgmental of everyone else who I think isn’t,and when I falter it’s all in God’s plan and I am immune from the criticism I vent on others? Probably won’t work for me, I don’t like doing much on Sundays except watching the ball games. Go Steelers!!

  17. I guess somehow Turley thinks that accepting God as your savior means you stop sinning.

    Turley, why do you post this crap? Everybody that believes in GOD, and 85% of Americans do, KNOW they will sin no matter how much they try not to.

  18. Love the headline juxtaposed with the photo. At first, I thought Thor there was the hooker. Richard Gere he’s not!

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