Monster Truck Tort: Child Killed By Flying Debris At Tacoma Truck Show

238px-batman_truckThere is an interesting and tragic torts case that is likely to emerge from a monster truck show in Tacoma, Washington. These shows routinely have debris that is thrown dangerously from the trucks. In a show last week, such debris into the crowd and killed 6-year-old Sabastian Hizey.

The accounts of the accident should worry the show organizers. Witnesses stated that debris was flying without any effort of the show to warn them or take action before the accident. Even when the boy was hit, the show was not halted or cancelled — even as they waited for medical personnel to arrive.

Laurie Deranleau, 32, a nurse from Westport, observed: “Everybody sitting around thought they should have dropped the show and gave the family some respect. Nobody was paying attention to the show.”

Not good for a jury case, I think.

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7 thoughts on “Monster Truck Tort: Child Killed By Flying Debris At Tacoma Truck Show”

  1. Mespo,

    I’m at a total loss. Maybe it’s the gladiator spirit along with the big, big tires and the promise of some really fun destruction.

    That’s so true, you can see the same stuff on the open road, so why in a coliseum? Besides the highways, in the city the little Camries usually perk along close to the speed limit, usually with a monster truck ready to swallow them up.

    It must be that they can drink all the beer they want while vicariously crushing all the slower cars.

  2. LindyLou:

    What is the attraction for these folks who go to these “shows”? One would think you get the same thrill from parking a lawn chair along I-90 on a Saturday night in the summertime — probably would be a lot safer.

  3. This was a tragic case. I have to admit that I just don’t understand the attraction of these monster truck shows. Especially indoors. For the show organizers to not stop the show and put all of its efforts into taking care of the injured child is outrageous. You are correct that the insurance company(ies)need to get moving on this case and make sure they settle out of court. It would not be a good situation for a jury to hear.

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