Booked: Iowa Woman Arrested Over Failure to Return Library Book

200px-freedomdiarybookcoverThe librarians in Independence, Iowa don’t take kindly to people holding on to their books. Shelly Koontz, 39, probably feels like she has become a character out of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment after police arrested her for failing to return a book that she checked out in April. The book value is $13.95.

The fifth-degree theft charge is based on Koontz keeping “The Freedom Writers Diary,” a story about a high school teacher’s effort to inspire students to write. Koontz was released on $250 bond.

Whatever happened to canceling the library card?

She is not unique. Heidi Dalibor was booked on the same book charge and gave a very nice mugshot. She was guilty of hoarding “Angels and Demons” and the “White Oleander.” 17259880_240x180

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  1. Raff and Vince,

    I’m gone one weekend and I miss a discussion on Alice’s Restaurant, see if I ever leave the comforting glow of my computer monitor again.

    I’m a little surprised however, I would have thought that legal minds like yours would have gravitated towards “It was a typical case of American Blind Justice…”

  2. Mr. Rove,

    You ripped off your own party. 8 pieces of silver for an something that doesn’t exist? Put it on ebay sir!

  3. I agree with Mojo/Jonathan Turley that I need help also. I have been making up names and posting them on this site repeatedly and making insane and ridiculous postings on every thread that I could. I can’t help myself. I am afraid of what would happen if the Constitution is actually protected and followed. I am afraid of actually allowing the truth to be spoken. Oh, the humanity of it all. Pleasae forgive me. I sold my soul for 8 pieces of silver from the RNC. Woe is me, Woe is me. My real name is Karl Rove.

  4. Actually, I am also Jonathan Turley. I’ve been carrying on this alter-ego for far too long. I am ashamed.

    Somebody help me. You see, I have this weird habit of making up new names for myself, while frequenting this website, so that it seems like there are more than one person who has the same ideas posting here …

    I am a sad and sick person and I need HELP!!!

  5. No More Obama,
    Take your lies elsewhere. The only fictitious people on this site are you and your fellow troll(s). I hope you are getting paid well for being a shill for the RNC.

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  7. Jill, obviously you didn’t see the very rotund Tice on Obbermann waving his arms aloft as he talked of being spied on by the Secret Service, the FBI, and the CIA.

    Nor did you see him indicate he had volunteered his “services” to the Obama campaign and had written Obama a letter that he was sure was on the White House desk of the President of the United States at this very minute……….

    No doubt Mr. Tice considers himself a very VERY important person……LOL.

    I consider him a very sick person..


    Did you know that half the people that post her are fictitious people Turley makes up. His whole band of worshippers amounts to he & himself…

    Sad Turley, very sick & sad.

  8. I’m certain many people here know of this but the article I’m posting the link to contains links to additional information that is starting to come out. It’s on the many ways we have been spied on:

    “On Jan. 21, former U.S. intelligence official Russell Tice appeared on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermannn” and broke a sobering bit of news that, sandwiched between Obama’s inauguration and sweeping executive orders, went largely ignored by the media: Under the Bush administration’s notorious warrantless spying program, not only did the NSA eavesdrop on millions of Americans, it turns out it specifically targeted “U.S. news organizations, reporters and journalists.” (from Alternet, with embedded links about how our financial info was pulled at Wired and an analysis from emptywheel)

  9. As rafflaw pointed out, there were 6 years in which the bush people should have tried and incarcerated people in Gitmo who were actually guilty, while quickly releasing those who were not. What the argument also fails to mention is the number of people who became terrorists due to the existence of Gitmo. Had we never placed people in such a place, tortured them and deprived them of due process, terrorist organizations would not have had such an effective recruitment tool. The number of fighters recruited because of Gitmo far exceeds the few people who leave Gitmo to fight Americans. If bush had cared about human life, our people’s and other people’s, he would never have created Gitmo in the first place. We have the means to try people in civilian courts and that is the course we should pursue now. Quickly.

  10. The whole remorse-ful family has joined in on the spamathon. What Remorse and Remorseful have missed is that the prisoners who were kept in Gitmo and tortured are bound to become even more radical than they were going into Gitmo 5 or 6 years ago. You also missed the fact that the people you state that have become part of the enemy were removed from Gitmo by George W. Bush. If Bush/Cheney had actually given them a fair trial and not tortured them, Obama would not have to try to fix the crap caused by Bush etal.

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