Dead Man Standing: Family Fulfills Last Party Wish of Deceased Relative

deadman1Ok, this has nothing to do with the law, society, politics, or policy. It is just sooooo creepy that I have to post it so you will be equally creeped out. Angel Pantoja Medina, 24, was found dead under a bridge in San Juan and his family wanted to fulfill his desire to be standing at his own wake “ready to party.” So, Angel was embalmed in a special way to allow him to be standing and dressed as people put their arms around him and kissed him at the party.

Angel stood for his entire three-day wake dressed in his trademark Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses.

His brother Carlos said “We use to talk about this stuff. He said he wanted to be happy, standing, ready to party when it was his time.”

Well, I suppose it is not more creepy that some Irish wakes and at least one wedding that I know of.

Of course, it is not much different than Jeremy (“Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”) Bentham who stipulated that his body be preserved and stored in a wooden cabinet called his “Auto-icon” by his disciple Dr. Southwood Smith:

it was acquired by University College London in 1850. The Auto-icon is kept on public display at the end of the South Cloisters in the main building of the College. For the 100th and 150th anniversaries of the college, the Auto-icon was brought to the meeting of the College Council, where he was listed as “present but not voting”. Tradition holds that if the council’s vote on any motion is tied, the auto-icon always breaks the tie by voting in favour of the motion.

The Auto-icon has always had a wax head, as Bentham’s head was badly damaged in the preservation process. The real head was displayed in the same case for many years, but became the target of repeated student pranks including being stolen on more than one occasion. It is now locked away securely.


Now, there . . . I was able to work in something connected to philosophy after all.

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  1. No, this is way creepier than any Irish wake I’ve been to. Also, to dress him as your typical thug? LOL. How tacky.

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