Federal Court Rules Against Hasidic Jews Who Challenged Public Housing Rule

180px-rabbi_moshe_leib_rabinovichA federal court in Ungar v. New York City Housing Authority, 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 3578 (SD NY, Jan. 14, 2009) has ruled against the claims of a Hasidic group that the New York City Housing Authority should be required to give them preference in allocating units in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. They challenged the Tenant Selection Assignment Plan saying that they have religious needs to live near other members of their religious community in Williamsburg.

The court rejected the claims raised under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act as well as claims under the federal Fair Housing Act claim.

For a copy of the opinion, click here.

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  1. Gang,

    After talking to my father this evening, he pointed out that while opting for class action is the decent thing to do, that we should formalize the Lesser Church of Later Day Lacey Underthings as to take advantage of the tax exempt status. That dad is an often practical guy.

    And his initial reaction to the idea? “And Mitt Romney thought he had magic underwear. It’ll be hard for the Mormons to top that. That’s quite a recruiting tool. What’s for communion?” That dad is an often funny guy.

  2. How do you guys know that she needs a drawer for those items? I would think a corner of one drawer might be enough.

  3. Buddha…You are sure to win that one!! It’s a very reasonable suit to file…

    Best of luck!!!
    Heck, like you’ll even need it!! Victory is yours!

  4. I have a deeply religious need to live near Jennifer Anniston’s panty drawer.

    I think I’ll file suit.

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